DIY Hand Painted Evil Eye Planter

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This DIY Hand Painted Evil Eye Planter is just so perfectly boho! It’s the perfect pot for keepsakes, a cute succulent or just some cute home decor for your mantle. It also makes the best talisman for good luck.

It’s fun and easy to make a DIY Hand Painted Evil Eye Planter for yourself. It’s the perfect 15 minute project that is so beginner friendly. It’s perfect for a little shelf or even a tiny apartment because it’s nice and small. Here’s some ridiculously easy instructions on how to make one for yourself!

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Supplies to Make the DIY Hand Painted Evil Eye Planter

A Terra Cotta Planter
Tiny Flat or Angled Paint Brush
White Acrylic Paint
Blue Acrylic Paint in Several Different Shades

starting to paint the terra cotta evil eye planter

First, start with making a simple black dot in the center. Sometimes it’s nice to start with pencil marks before you start painting, but we didn’t do that! Instead we just freehanded it, like a boss.

If you paint your evil eye freehand, it will have that super-cool-boho quality and your eye will be off center. That’s exactly what we are going for. You know, just slightly wonky.

Acrylic paint just takes a few minutes to dry. You can start on your next ring while the paint is still wet, but if you are unsure about your brushwork wait until your paint completely dries before you start your next ring.

making rings of paint - how to make an evil eye planter bohemian style

Then start a white ring around the outside of your black dot. Paint slowly and smoothly, with not too much paint on your brush. If necessary, go over the edges a second time, to make the outer edge even and smooth.

You will continue to work from the center of the Evil Eye to the outside.

make alternating rings of blue white and black paint - how to make an evil eye planter

Once you have your interior black dot, you will alternate between blue and white rings. You can use any shade of blue you like! This sky blue that I chose, feels traditionally Greek Evil Eye – like a talisman.

The width of the rings can be any size you like as well! You could make the white ring tiny and you could make the white ring huge! Either way will look great. It could be fun to experiment and see what widths of colors you like best.

Since we are still alternating between blue and white, your white ring will come next. The last part is adding your deeper royal blue to the outside.

For that, I used an oval eye shape but I’ve also seen really great looking evil eyes that are completely round.

Now just let the paint completely dry and Viola! You have your own DIY Hand Painted Evil Eye Planter.

Now just add some goodies like plants or your rings on your nightstand and enjoy.

finished hand painted evil eye terra cotta planter pop shop america

Want to go a little beyond this Evil Eye Pot that we made here? Check out the one below! It’s still an Evil Eye but a more complex and cool Evil Eye Planter. more complicated evil eye planter example

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