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It’s like a galaxy inside a container. Here’s a pretty and simple DIY that sets the perfect scene. It’s a DIY Mason Jar Light that’s made with a miniature string light! It’s dreamy and gorgeous. This would be perfect for a dinner party, an evening wedding, and you could even use it for a night light in a kid’s room.

This DIY was the 4th part of the Craft in Style Subscription Box from March 2019. March is all about light. This kit included the basics you will need to understand lighting, lamps, or electricity.

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Part 4: DIY Mason Jar Lights (this post)
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Part 6: DIY Matches with Copper Tape & Pressed Flowers


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string of small led lights supplies for diy mason jar light

Supplies to Make a DIY Mason Jar Light

Any Size Mason Jar
A Miniature Battery Powered String Light (like this one)

Ivy Ribbon, Accessories, Small Sculptures (or just get creative)

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To get started, just add the batteries to the string lights and be sure that they light up. When you remove a fresh string light from it’s package, you will want to stretch the whole string out to make the entire length straight.

This will help you as you reshape it to fit the space where it will go.

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To add the lights to the mason jar, shape the lights around the outside, and the battery pack in the center so that it won’t show. Once your string lights are in place, you can continue to shape them, by pushing and pulling. This will help you position the lights exactly where you want them to go.

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And viola! So simple and pretty, right? Just remember, the mason jar lid is your friend. Keep the lid off if you need extra light or like the way it looks. If you are using them near water, outdoors, or if you are concerned about rain, keep the mason jar lids on! Now let’s put a simple twist on this diy.

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Variation with Ivy Ribbon

I wanted to create a DIY Mason Jar Light for myself that felt like a magical garden. So I used a bit of ivy ribbon that is so pretty in addition to the string lights and mason jar. The length of the ivy ribbon (or any ribbon you use) should be a bit longer than the string light. But that’s the only additional supply you need.

supplies to make a mason jar light diy with green ivy

To make it, just stretch the string light all the way out. And lay all of the ivy ribbon out too. Take one end of both the ivy and the string light and wrap them together in a spiral form.

And last, follow the same steps as above. Place the ivy ribbon and the string lights in the mason jar and position the battery pack in the center to keep it from being visible. Push, pull, and move the ivy string lights around to position them just where you want them to go.

ivy ribbon and mini string light diy pop shop america

ivy mason jar light how to weave the light and ribbon

Dreamy, right?! And this is just one way to style your Mason Jar Light and just one way to style your string lights and ivy together. You can get creative with all these materials.

For example, place the ivy string light in a terrarium to make a fairy garden wonderland. Or you could add some faux flowers to the mason jar for a pretty lit up bouquet.

Or instead of placing the ivy string light in a mason jar, you could use it as a party garland! The possibilities are endless.

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So how are you going to style your DIY Mason Jar Lights? Tell us in the comments and happy crafting.

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