Starry Night Mason Jar Snow Globe DIY

starry night mason jar glow in the dark snow globe

What a sweet little snow globe! This Starry Night Mason Jar Snow Globe DIY will glow in the dark and give your evening a touch of light! It’s a fun and adorable use of glow in the dark stars that you find at the Science Museum or hobby stores. This diy just takes a few minutes to make and will fill your room with a little magic at night.

For this DIY you just need a few supplies that may already have lying around the house.


supplies for a starry night mason jar snowglobe


Small Mason Jar
Twine, Floss, or Waxed Linen
Glow in the Dark Stars
Fine White Glitter
Extra Fine Iridescent White Glitter
Chunky Iridescent White Glitter
Glue Gun

how to make a starry night snowglobe cut the stringFrom here, it’s pretty straight forward. Drop a piece of twine into the mason jar to determine the height of the glass. Measure the twine to where it will hang slightly lower that center.

Cut three pieces at slightly different lengths to create a moody scene. I recommend gluing the stars to the twine first. If you glue the stars before you glue to the mason jar lid – it will give you a little more flexibility later in adjusting the exact string length.

You will also want to position the string so that the star will hang straight up and down once it’s glued. You may want to pull and twist your twine into the perfect shape before you glue it to the glow in the dark stars.

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attach the stars to the string diy mason jar night light

Next, make tiny little loops with the twine and position it around the mason jar lid leaving space between each star. The loop will create a larger surface area and hold your twine in place better.

Once your glue is dry, which just takes a quick minute when you use a hot glue gun, you can hold your lid so that the stars hang down to see if the length is what you wanted. If not, you can also continue to curl the twine along the mason jar lid to make it shorter.

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attach the strings to the mason jar lid pop shop america craft tutorial

Once you’ve gotten the stars in place, just add glitter to your heart’s desire! I made a thin layer along the bottom. It’s an even mixture of the super fine iridescent glitter, fine white glitter, and chunky iridescent glitter.

If you want to be extra careful, you can also hot glue the lid to the mason jar. But it’s not necessary.

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finished up close starry night mason jar snow globe glow in the dark

And viola! You have a handmade Starry Night Mason Jar Snow Globe DIY! This snow globe is a perfect diy for any science lover. It would be great for anyone that is interested in Vincent Van Gogh. And it’s a really subtle night light that fades to dark by the time you are fast asleep.

starry night snow globe diy finished_small


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