DIY Matchbooks with Copper & Pressed Flowers

diy matchbooks with copper and pressed flowers

Now here’s a DIY that’s pint size! Who says that matchbooks need to be boring? Instead they can look this great with just a few simple supplies. In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to make DIY Matchbooks with Copper & Pressed Flowers. It will pair perfectly with your Copper Tape Candles here or your Pressed Flower Candles here.

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So let’s get to making these DIY Matchbooks with Copper & Pressed Flowers

supplies to diy matchbooks pop shop america craft tutorial


Plain White Matchbooks
Copper Tape
Pressed Flowers
Mod Podge
Foam Brush

supplies to diy matchbooks with copper

Before you get started, it’s always best to get a sense of direction. What do you want your matches to look like? Do you want to decorate the front, back or both? Do you want to blend together the copper and pressed flowers – they do look great together! Or do you prefer to keep it simple.

Coming up with a plan is the best way to ensure you love what you create! Use my DIY Matchbooks as a guide and create your own style too. Just place the copper and flower pieces on the matches before you affix them down.

stylish copper tape matchbooks diy craft in style

make your own copper tape matchbooks pop shop america

Copper tape has a sticky back but should be worked with carefully. It’s so pretty, but when bent too much will show it’s bends. So be careful and be gentle. When you remove the tape backing, try to not fold it. And when you place copper tape on your matchbooks press firmly across the entire surface of your matches.

supplies to make diy matches with pressed flowers craft in style

For the pressed flowers, it’s almost too simple! Just take a tiny drop of mod podge and brush it on the back of the flower. While the mod podge is wet, place the flower on the matches and hold in place for just a few seconds.

If any flowers are not perfectly adhered, just add a touch more mod podge with your foam brush – this time to the surface of the flower.

If you use copper tape, your matches will be done instantly. And if you use pressed flowers, your mod podge will just take 10-15 minutes to completely dry. And viola! You have gorgeous DIY Matchbooks with Copper & Pressed Flowers. Love what this DIY is all about? Then you must try our Craft in Style Subscription Box that has new cool craft supplies every month.

finished diy matchbooks with pressed flowers

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