DIY Lovely Valentine Heart Shaped Wreath

valentines day heart wreath craft tutorial

Love is in the air! So let’s make something to celebrate!

You know I am a big fan of wreaths. It’s such a perfect way to make your home feel friendly and welcoming. It’s perfect for celebrating the season. For example, I always hang a orange, red, and rustic color wreath in the fall. And I love to hang a wreath like this Pink Flower Heart Shaped Wreath at the beginning of spring.

This wreath is inexpensive to make and very beginner friendly too. So let’ make it!

supplies to make a diy flower heart shaped wreath

Supplies to Make a Lovely Valentine’s Heart Shaped Wreath

1 Heart Shaped Grapevine Wreath (mine is 9 inches)
An Array of Faux Pink Flowers (I used about 18)
6 inches of Matching Ribbon
A Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Optional: Wire cutters
Plus: You will need a way to hang your wreath on your door.

Note: The amount of faux flowers you need will vary. It depends on the size of the grapevine wreath and the size of the flower. I recommend overbuying. My go to for faux flowers? Dollar Tree. It’s so much more affordable that Hobby Lobby or Michael’s!

supplies to make a heart shaped wreath with flowers

Prep Your Faux Flowers

First, start by removing your faux flowers from the stems. You may want to use wire cutters to remove them because leaving a 1/4 to 1/2 or so of the stem will help with attaching them to the wreath later.

It will also help keep the structure of the flower itself intact!

pull off faux flowers from stems diy heart wreath

How to Attach the Flowers to the Wreath

Before you begin gluing, place a flower or two on the wreath to ensure you know how theyโ€™ll set the best. Consider how the flower is angled and how close or far apart the flowers should be spaced. I recommend, keeping the flowers to the middle of the wreath if possible for the best symmetrical look.

apply glue to the faux flowers diy heart wreath

When you are ready to begin gluing, place a ring of glue on the bottom of the flower, up and around the stem. Then immediately slip the stem into an open space between the small branches of the vines. Hold it in place for a few seconds, with light pressure.

If you get it glued and you donโ€™t like it, you can always gently pull it off and try again. This wreath is very forgiving. Just be careful to not let it dry too long before pulling it off or it could break the wreath.

Repeat this until the entire wreath is covered. Let the glue and flowers set for a bit. I let mine rest for around 1 hour.

make a hanger with a ribbon wreath making tutorial

Attach the Ribbon

Then, the last piece is adding the ribbon which will act as the wreath hanger. Make a loop of ribbon around a piece of grapevine wreath in the center & top of the heart on the back side of the wreath. Use a balloon knot to tie the ribbon. Adjust your knot in the ribbon so it won’t show when you hang the wreath.

finished pink flower heart wreath diy pop shop america

Hang Your Wreath

And viola! It’s time to hang your lovely Valentine’s Heart Shaped Wreath! This wreath is perfect for a door but you could hang it anywhere as a cool piece of decor.

hang the pink flower heart wreath diy on a door

More Helpful Tips:

1. You can use any faux flowers you like, youโ€™ll just need to make sure you have enough to fill the spaces. You may need more or less flowers depending on the size of the flowers or wreath you choose. You can use any colors of flowers as well!

2. If you want the heart to be more defined, use smaller flowers that aren’t as fluffy as the ones I chose. Of course, you will need a lot more and it will take longer to make! But that’s part of the fun.

finished pink flower heart wreath tutorial pop shop america

3. Grapevine wreaths are the perfect supply because they are so gorgeous. Adding flowers just makes them prettier! But as an alternative, you can use a wire wreath base to make your wreath. The directions will be the same, but instead of gluing each flower to the wreath, you will first glue the flowers to the wire base, then glue the flowers to each other to fill it in.

detail of valentines heart wreath tutorial pop shop america

So what color of flowers did you choose for your Valentine’s Heart Shaped Wreath? Show us in the comments! And if you are looking for even more wreath making ideas, check out the blogs below. Happy crafting!

side of the valentines heart shaped wreath tutorial

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