Easy DIY Flower Clothespins

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Here’s a simple little DIY to upgrade your already used home tools! How regularly do you use clothespins and not even think about it? I use them in so many different ways!

I use clothespins as a chip clip or to close bags in the pantry. Of course, I use mine with laundry too. I’m an avid crafter, and teach a lot. So I often need to string up students work to dry – things like Marbled Paper or Sun Prints too. That’s why these Pretty Flower Clothespins are so much fun!

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They are super easy to make and only require a few supplies. This is the type of craft that you can make in about 15 minutes and transform your day! Now any place you use clothespins will be so much prettier than before.

I made mine with blue flowers, but these flowers come in lots of different colors, so you can make them any color you like. Here’s a DIY Flower Corsage in magenta and fuschia and here’s a Flower Boutonniere I made in turquoise!

cut the paper flowers to make diy flower clothespins


Small Paper Flowers
Hot Glue Gun (with just a small amount of glue)

use a drop of hot glue to make diy flower clothespins

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First, cut the stems of flowers off. Cut them as close to the base of the flower as you can. The stem is just wire, so heavy duty scissors should work just fine. You are going to use 1 flower for each clothespin, so get all your flowers trimmed and ready to go.

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press the flowers in the hot glue diy clothespins with flowers

Next, you are going to start attaching your flowers. Hot glue works best for this, but I’m always a big fan of E6000 too. Just use one drop of hot glue at the top of one side of the clothespin. Be careful not to drip so that once the glue is dry, you will still be able to open and close the clothespin.

Hot glue dries quickly, so as soon as you have a drop of glue on your clothespin, attach the flower by gently pressing it into the glue. Just hold it in place for a few seconds and that should be fine.

paper flower clothespins diy pop shop america

Once your glue completely dries, which just takes 10 – 20 mintes, your DIY Flower Clothespins are ready to be used! Anytime you use them, you will need to press the flower to open them. But don’t worry, I’ve had mine for month’s and they still look perfect! I just try to stay gentle with the flower.

detail pretty paper flower clothespins craft tutorial

Aren’t they just the cutest and most darling DIY? What will you use your DIY Flower Clothespins for? Tell us in the comments!

finished flower clothespins twist on simple design

finished clothespins with paper flowers diy

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