DIY Reusable Crochet Cotton Beauty Pads

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When I first learnt to crochet all I wanted to do was make bikini tops.

Crochet Cotton Pads

I couldn’t get over how easy they were to do! As I learnt more and more about how to modify the styles, I came up with a few of my own and fell in love with the results.

Sadly, the number that my dresser can fit has reached its maximum, so I’ve had to find other projects to dedicate my crochet skills towards.

I’m always up for trying to create less waste, so when my friend Tash suggested that I crochet some reusable cotton beauty pads, I thought that was the perfect little project to do (and create a tutorial for!) They crochet up super quick and are a great way to use up small bits of cotton yarn that you have from other projects.

Crochet Cotton Pads

I use mine for my toner at night and just wash them with Cetaphil after I’ve used them. I think that they would be great mainly for toner and makeup remover, but would avoid using them to take off nail polish as it would stain.

You can make your cotton beauty pads all in the same colour yarn like I did, or mix it up a bit with whatever scraps of yarn you have left. You could even try colour coordinating them if you were planning on using the cotton beauty pads for different purposes. Maybe pink ones for toner, and grey for makeup remover? It’s totally up to you to decide how to make these!

DIY Reusable Cotton CrochetPads


  • cotton yarn in gauge 4 (I used about 30-35 yards for 20 cotton pads)
  • a 4.5mm crochet hook
  • scissors


  1. Create a magic circle
  2. Chain 2 (this counts as 1 double crochet) and then place 11 double crochets into your magic circle
  3. Slip stitch through the top of the first chain 2 that we made
  4. Pull the circle tight so that there is no space in the centre
  5. Now you’re going to chain 2 and place 2 double crochets into each chain in the circle
  6. Once you’ve worked your way around, slip stitch through the top stitch of the chain 2
  7. Leaving a 2-inch tail, cut your yarn and tie a knot
  8. Working on the back of the cotton pad, use your crochet hook to weave the two ends towards the centre, tie them in a knot and then cut off the excess yarn
  9. Repeat for your remaining cotton pads.

Crochet Cotton Pads Crochet Cotton Pads Crochet Cotton Pads Crochet Cotton Pads
I was able to create all my cotton pads in an afternoon while binging Netflix, so it’s a great little casual project to do!

They would also make cute little gifts if you were to give them with a homemade toner or makeup remover!

Let me know if you’ll be making some – I’d love to see the results!

xo, Tess.

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