Watercolor Printable Art Quote about Creativity

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Here’s an adorable Watercolor Printable that you have to download now. It’s totally free and would make such a lovely print to hang on your wall or a gift for a loved one. It’s green, sweet, and is full of cactus and succulents! Click this link here to download.

You could print this at home or take it to a fancy copy shop for printing. You can use any kind of paper, even regular copy paper, but we recommend card stock. It’s the perfect material to make a nice quality print that you could add to a frame. There are lots of other things you could do with this free printable – here are 10 of some of my favorite ideas.

creativity quote in watercolor - free art printable pop shop america

We made this watercolor printable to celebrate the February 2019 Craft in Style Box! Craft in Style is the Pop Shop America Subscription Box that’s full of modern and fresh monthly craft supplies. February 2019 featured watercolors and so this free printable was included in the box. It was a perfect fit.


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The Watercolor Quote printable reads “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” It is attributed to Scott Adams but it has been attributed to others too including Ricky Gervais and others. At this point, I never totally believe any quote’s attribution! Seriously, everyone is always wrong. It’s bizarre.

free quote watercolor printable about creativity

We have a million different Cactus & Succulent Printables like this for example. Watercolor and cactus is just so pretty together which makes this quote printable sweet. But if you need even more here are some of my faves: this set of cactus and succulent coloring pages here and these cactus gift tag printables here.

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