Easy DIY Sharpie Easter Eggs

Ah spring, abundance, sunshine, and renewal! Isn’t this such a lovely time of year?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love the colors and the joy that is expressed through Easter. And if you want to celebrate the season, making DIY Easter Eggs is a must!

One of my favorites, is to make Marbled Easter Eggs with nail polish. It’s colorful and cute. Here’s a minimalistic approach to making Easter Eggs that requires only a sharpie! It’s gorgeous, graphic, and oh so easy!

hand drawn sharpie easter eggs craft tutorial

Supplies to Make DIY Sharpie Easter Eggs:

Hard Boiled Eggs
A Regular Black Sharpie

A Pencil (to draw your design)

That’s it! Chances are you already have the supplies at home.

hand written happy easter sharpie easter egg

How to Make DIY Sharpie Easter Eggs

First, let me say – you don’t need to be an amazing illustrator to create cool Sharpie Easter Eggs. The best thing you can do is keep it simple.

If you are worried about how you draw, try starting in pencil and then going over the pencil in sharpie.

Start with hard boiled eggs that are white or natural colored. The choice is yours!

how to make easter eggs with sharpie pop shop america

You can choose words and phrases, like I did, that read Happy Easter or any fun phrase that you like. If you take a look at my cursive, it’s certainly not perfect!

You can also write your phrases in print too like I did below.

how to make hand drawn sharpie easter eggs

You can also cover your your Easter Eggs in patterns like hearts, stars, or simple lines and hatched marks. If you are concerned about your drawing, test it out on a flat piece of paper first, then draw it on the egg.

My favorite of all of these has to be the sleeping bunny. It’s another simple drawing.

There are lots of other simple drawings you could consider that we didn’t show here like leaves, clovers, and flowers. Anything that represents spring is the perfect thing to include! You can even include pops of color by dyeing the egg first (or using watercolor paint) and then layering the sharpie on top. That’s the method I used for the chick below.

yellow painted sharpie easter egg chick pop shop america

Sorry But Your Can’t Eat These Eggs

Unfortunately, the sharpie makes these eggs not suitable for eating! But they are perfect for Easter Egg Hunts, Table Decorations, and holiday displays. And honestly, who eats colored Easter Eggs anyway?

diy sharpie easter eggs idea pop shop america

So how are you going to use your Sharpie Easter Eggs? Tell us in the comments!

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