Easy Vanilla Bean Brown Sugar Scrub

easy vanilla bean brown sugar scrub diy

Baby it’s cold outside! I don’t know about you, but I always end up with dry wintery skin this time of year. A homemade Sugar Scrub is my go to. Once you learn how to make your own scrub – you will never buy it again! It’s so affordable and it’s so easy to make.

I chose to make this version with brown sugar and avocado oil which is extra healing, gentle and nourishing. But some of my favorite version are this Lavender Sugar Scrub and this Shower Scrub with Argan Oil & Chlorophyll.

supplies to make diy vanilla brown sugar scrub craft tutorial

Supplies to Make Vanilla Bean Brown Sugar Scrub

Glass Jar with Lid
Brown Sugar (around 8 oz.)
Avocado Oil (around 2 tbsp.)
Vanilla Essential Oil (around 20 drops)
Something for Stirring

Depending on the size of your vessel, you can make this recipe with more or less of all of the ingredients.

open the jar diy vanilla brown sugar scrub craft tutorial

add brown sugar to the jar pop shop america vanilla sugar scrub diy

First, add brown sugar to your jar until it’s about 3/4 full. Brown sugar is softer than white sugar so people even use this scrub on their face! Brown sugar contains Glycolic acid an alpha-hydroxyl acid that kills bacteria too.

brown sugar added to the jar pop shop america diy

Next, add a small amount of avocado oil. I chose avocado, because I wanted this scrub to be extra nourishing and healing. You could use argan oil, almond oil, or apricot kernel oil instead if you prefer. They all have their benefits. You only need to use enough avocado oil to thoroughly moisten the sugar. But that’s it.

Avocado oil is full of nutrients including Vitamin A, D, E, potassium, and lecithin. For most people, it’s safe for eczema and psoriasis too. It’s denser than other oils and feels so hydrating to the skin.

moisten with a touch of avocado oil - diy brown sugar scrub

mix avocado oil into the brown sugar scrub diy

Next add your vanilla essential oil. Vanilla pairs so perfectly with brown sugar! It’s a match made in heaven. Vanilla is a scent that can be overdone easily, so just add a few drops, stir, and see if it has enough of a scent for you. I am a less is more kind of girl.

add vanilla essential oil diy brown sugar scrub pop shop america

add vanilla essential oil to the sugar scrub pop shop america

Whenever I’m blending sugar scrubs I watch the sides of the vessel carefully. I want to make sure that all the avocado oil and vanilla essential oil is thoroughly blended and that’s the hardest part to blend. I carefully scrape the sides around the entire jar. Once your essential oils are throughly mixed, your Vanilla Bean Brown Sugar Scrub is ready to use!

mix the brown sugar and vanilla essential oil

Now just scrub yourself in the shower anytime you need to remove dead skin and help your body feel refreshed. If your skin retains too much oil after giving yourself a scrub, just wash the area again with soap.

detail close up vanilla bean brown sugar scrub diy

So what are your go to recipes to heal winter skin? Tell us in the comments and check out these favorite beauty recipes: this Floral Milk Bath Soaks, this Pink Rose Salt Soak, and this Easy Avocado, Yogurt, and Honey Face Mask.

easy vanilla bean sugar scrub diy pop shop

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