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I’m in the spirit for upgrading my home! This Flower Art Photo Shelf adds such a pretty touch to any wall. It’s perfect if you have a lot of small family photos or small art prints.

We create a lot of small art prints at Pop Shop America. You can even find some of my favorites here. That’s why I ended up with so many small art prints that I needed to display them in a cute and organized way.

This Flower Art Floating Shelf DIY did just the trick.

photos for your flower art photo shelf home design tutorial

Supplies to make a Flower Art Floating Shelf

Unfinished Small Photo Ledge
Stain & Foam Brush
Screws, Sheetrock Anchors & a Drill
Set of Matching Flower Art Prints Like These
or Set of Matching Cactus Art Prints Like These

flower photos for diy photo shelf craft tutorial pop shop america

First, print all your Art Prints together that you want to use for this DIY. Printing them at the same time ensures that they look like a matching set. You could also use mismatched vintage photos from anywhere. That could be a super cute option – but be sure to spend time laying them together and getting the right fit.

wood shelf for floral art photo shelf

edge of wooden shelf for diy floral art shelf tutorial

Next you will want to stain your Photo Shelf. I chose a dark cherry but you could pick any color or consider the raw wood as well. Stain is so easy to apply. It’s best outdoors or on top of some newspaper that you can trash afterward. I use a foam brush and trash that too. You can apply 1-2 thin coats and allow them to dry thoroughly in between. Stain dries in just a few minutes.

Be sure that you stain is completely dry before you hang your shelf and add any photos.

diy flower art photo shelf pop shop america

Since I wasn’t adding anything heavy to the shelf, it probably would have been fine to attach it with nails. But to be on the safe side, I went ahead and used sheet rock anchors and screws. Make sure your drill bit is the right size for the anchor and screw and make a hole in the wall first. Then insert the anchor. Next attach the shelf itself.

detail of flower art photo shelf tutorial by pop shop america

Now all you need to do is organize your prints on the shelf. It’s such a pretty way to help small art items look organized and pull them all together! I love it. This would be perfect in the kitchen, a spare bedroom, or in the office.

You could even change the images that are displayed every month or two and create your own miniature at home gallery!

diy art shelf with flower photos pop shop america

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