Fairy Garden Hair Barrette DIY – October Craft in Style Bonus

diy fairy garden hair barrettes

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supplies to make a fairy garden hair barrette

So let’s get to this totally fun and fall inspired Fairy Garden Hair Barrette. It has pine cones, mushrooms and our favorite faux succulents. It’s very easy to make and very similar to how you would make the DIY Succulent Boutonniere. It actually matches the boutonniere perfectly and would be great alternative to a corsage for a date night.

Supplies for the Fairy Garden Hair Barrette DIY

Barrette Blanks
Faux Leaves
Woodland Findings like mushrooms, pine cones, or acorns
Hot Glue or E6000

glue the leaves diy hair barrette pop shop america

press the leaves together diy leaf hair barrette

The steps to make your Fairy Garden Hair Barrette DIY is remarkably similar to the DIY Succulent Boutonniere. They match so well that it would be fun to wear them together!

First, you always want to use the leaves as a base. This will give your barrette a large surface to attach to.

hot glue the leaves to make a diy hair clip

glue the succulent to the barrette pop shop america

I added the largest piece first and that was the succulent. With your hair barrette, consider where you want to place the stems before you glue it. The stems can be challenging to line up and make look nice since you are not wrapping them together like you did with the boutonniere.

glue the pine cone for a fall fairy garden barrette

glue the mushroom for fall inspired hair clips diy

Continue to attach the pieces from largest to smallest. If you are using hot glue, your pieces will dry so quickly! If you are using the E6000 be sure to hold each new piece down for around a minute or so. E6000 works a little slower but it’s the best glue for just about any material!

glue the mushroom for fall inspired hair clips diy

I added the mushroom last which gave it just a little pop of color!

glue the barrette backing to the fall hair barrette

Next flip your Fairy Garden Hair Barrette DIY over so that you can attach the hair clip to the back. Be sure to add a nice dollop of glue to be sure it has a firm hold.

finished succulent hair barrette pop shop america

Viola! It’s a fall inspired Fairy Garden Hair Barrette with Succulents. This hair clip is so dreamy! The only thing you may want to do to finish it off is to wait a few minute for the hot glue to dry and peel off any bits that show.

finished succulent fall inspired hair barrette

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