Teeny Tiny DIY Flower Barrettes

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Looking for a super cute way to style up your hair? Make these super easy and Teeny Tiny DIY Flower Barrettes! I love them because they are so small and wearable.

They are the perfect way to dress up a cute little dress. They would even be lovely for a wedding for the bride or a flower girl. It would go so perfectly with this DIY Flower Corsage.

And they are so teeny tiny that they would be perfect for your bangs and perfect to keep pony tail fly aways back too! So let’s make these Teeny Tiny DIY Flower Barrettes.

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Paper Flowers
Paper Leaves
Hair Barrette Blanks
Hair Clip Blanks
Hot Glue Gun

I used some pretty colors like pink and red for mine, but you can find Paper Flowers in a lots of different colors. They are super sturdy and easy to work with!

flowers and leaves diy paper flower barrettes pop shop america

And I just love these leaves too. You can find hair barrette blanks in the silver like I used here. But you can also find them in copper like these.

cut the wire from the paper flowers diy flower barrettes tutorial

pink and red flower barrettes diy instructions pop shop america

The steps to make your Teeny Tiny DIY Flower Barrettes are simple! First, cut the wire from the paper flower. You can use regular scissors and you can use wire cutters too. Cut the wire as close the the base of the flower as you can.

add glue to the barrette base - diy flower barrette tutorials


Now add the smallest like drop of hot glue to the barrette blank. Press your flower and be sure it’s in the exact place you want it. Hot glue dries quickly, so as soon as you add the glue you want want to position the flower fast!

Hold the flower in place for 15 – 30 seconds while the glue dries. Be sure that the flower is holding it’s place on its own.

back of teeny tiny diy flower barrette pop shop america

Sometimes you will end up with glue fly aways. Once the hot glue is dry, just peel them off! Hot glue peels so easily.

hold the flower in place to make diy paper flower barrettes

If barrettes aren’t your thing, make this hair clip instead! It’s almost the same steps as before, with just a little twist.

add leaves with hot glue gun pop shop america diy blog

add a touch more glue diy flower hair clip pop shop america

Since these hair clips are bigger than the barrettes, you may want to add several flowers to one clip, like I did. If so, consider how you want the flowers arranged before you add them to the clip.

place the flowers on the hair clips pop shop america

I added the leaves first, to make a background for the flowers. With this type of clip, be extra careful to use just the tiniest amount of glue.

flowers hair clips diy tutorial pop shop america

Next add the flowers, one at a time. Be sure to hold them in place while the glue is drying.

watch for glue excess pop shop america

use a small wire to clean up glue - diy flower hair clip

With this kind of clip, be sure to open it up and make sure there’s no glue inside the clip. I used a small piece of wire – it’s actually the wire I cut from the flowers – to scrape off any glue.

finished teeny tiny diy flower hair barrettes and hair clips

Now just let the glue set completely, perhaps 30 minutes or so and wear those adorable little DIY Flower Barrettes anywhere! Aren’t they just the cutest?

brittany bly wearing teeny tiny diy flower hair barrettes

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