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Hey there! Anyone else believes time is flying by a bit too quickly this year? It seems like yesterday that I started this seasonal series with my first Spring wallpaper… and tomorrow will be Fall already! I’m excited though, I love everything about Fall…

I find orange leaves everywhere so very poetic, I love cozy sweaters and coat season! Don’t know about where you live, but here Fall is the season to wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket each evening and knit with a cup of hot tea on the side.

Fall is the season of long walks with chilly, cold air kissing your cheeks, and getting back to a mug of hot chocolate to warm yourself up. It’s the season of roasted chestnuts, ahh! I heard it’s actually a very European thing to go pick chestnuts in the woods, roast them and eat them steamy-hot; but it’s one of my all time favourite things for sure! And it’s the season for pumpkin pies – I can’t wait.

Fall Wallpaper Free Download Miel Café Design 2017

Of course this seasonal hand-illustrated (by yours truly!) free wallpaper is about all that, a little ode to one of my favourite seasons. I hope you like it and it’ll inspire you some great time outdoor this fall. Feel free to download your copy, available both for desktop and iPhone!

… and then maybe share with me what you love about fall and what traditions you have where you live! x

To download it, just use the links below. You can download one or both! These are meant for your phone, tablet and computer, but you could also print them out as fall art for your walls. They would also be lovely fall greeting cards.

And don’t miss our other wallpapers! We have one for each season – winter, spring, and summer too!

Fall Wallpaper Free Download Preview

Fall Wallpaper Free Download


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