First Legal Garage Race to Take Place Jan 16th-18th Houston

Garage Racing Event Houston TX by Carve Skate Shop Longboard Skateboarding

The very first legal garage race in the US, the 2nd Annual NoBull Bayou Battle, is going down in Houston Texas January 16th – 18th. Hosted by Team No Bull and Carve Skate Shop, this race is bringing in professional skateboarders from across the country like Kyle Wester, Louis Pilloni, Billy (Bones) Meiner, and more.

NoBull Bayou Battle Promo from NoBull Longboard Team on Vimeo.

In longboarding, there is an alternative to outdoor downhill in which you cruise down parking garages at 25 +mph.   Houston’s garage scene is more established than what other cities have because it’s a flat city with no hills. Houston also happens to be the home of 2 extremely ambitious skateboarding groups Team No Bull and Carve Skate Shop that give Houston’s Garage Racing a lot of energy.

Houston racers have also developed their own style of full contact racing. They use the momentum of other skaters to propel themselves forward. Even though pushing another skater off their board is allowed it’s rarely done.  3 years ago Miami had a illegal garage race that dozens of skaters from out of town. The racers from Houston won 1st and 2nd place.  Houston’s racers are known for their garage racing nationally which is why so many professionals are set to participate in this event.

I asked Scotty Sheridan, owner of Carve Skate Shop and host of the race, why the first legal race is only just happening now. Sheridan replied,  “I tried a couple of years ago and hit a brick wall. No one wanted to let a bunch of kids skateboard on their property. We were seen as a nuisance. We wouldn’t be able to have this upcoming race without The Hobby Center. Their community outreach has been bringing new people to The Hobby who see us as performers and artists. The see that skateboarding is more creative of a sport than most others and community driven. When the Hobby Center received an NEA grant that gave them the ability to do more outreach we were able to collaborate. We hope to work with other NEA recipients to create a circuit of garage races in Miami, Portland, and San Diego. The goal is to have 8-9 races per year.”

Team No Bull and Carve are encouraging people to come watch and the races are still accepting racers.

*2nd Annual NoBull Bayou Battle is a 3 day event January 16th -18th*

Friday January 16th All Day

Spring Skate Park Open Skate Session-The Spring Skate Park is the largest skate park in North America and this event will be more of a hangout and meet and greet than a race.

Saturday January 17th

11am – Meet Up at Carve Skate Shop

12pm –  Long Distance Push Race “LDP”- White Oak Trail inside of White Oak Park – 5 Miles of Pushing on a Skateboard – Race starts at the Mac Whitney large red sculpture.

5pm – Meet Up at Carve Skate Shop

7pm – Ends at Approximately Midnight – Garage Race at Hobby Center – Park at Sabine and Memorial and near where Houston Ave. and Memorial meet.

Sunday January 18th

1pm – Easy 7 Skate Park BBQ Awards Ceremony Skate Jam -Another party meet and greet with a casual atmosphere.


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