The Indies: 2015 Texas Maker Award Nominations

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Every year, we have a little fun by awarding the makers, artists, and writers, in this fair state for their excellence. So here’s the rules. You can’t nominate Pop Shop America for anything since we’re hosting the contest. Vote for yourself or vote for someone else. Yes we can see when 1 person is voting multiple times. We ask that you vote once during the nominations but you can vote up to once a day during the actual award competition.

The winners will receive prizes and goodies from Pop Shop America, our friends, and our sponsors.

Nominations will close on Monday January 19th (Martin Luther King Day) at Midnight.

If you win, we don’t make you get up on a stage or try to embarrass you. We just send you free awesome stuff, write a blog about you, and send you a trophy too. Want to see what makers won awards last year? Click here.

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