The Indies: 2015 Maker Awards

Every year, we have a little fun by awarding the makers, artists, and writers, in this fair state for their excellence. After 2 weeks of nominations that were open to the public here’s what the people have chosen. These are the favorite artists and makers throughout Texas.

So vote now! But unfortunately you only get one vote. Voting ends March 1st.

The winners will be announced at the Mini Pops on March 8th and in a blog post March 9th. The winners will receive prizes and goodies from Pop Shop America, our friends, and our sponsors.

If you win, we don’t make you get up on a stage or try to embarrass you. We just send you free awesome stuff, write a blog about you, and send you a trophy too. Want to see what makers won awards last year? Click here.

8 thoughts on “The Indies: 2015 Maker Awards

  1. Christian says:

    I want to vote really bad. But when the page comes up, there is a LARGE blank underneath the picture. And I don’t see any names to click or any type of link. Help?

    • brittany says:

      Hi Christian, Great question. It could be related to your cookie or pop up settings. You are welcome to try it in a different browser but it will probably be easiest if you click here to visit the voting page.

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