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There are so many wonderful reasons to keep a dream journal. It’s a perfect tool for those who do not easily remember their dreams. Many believe that remembering dreams is the first step in becoming a lucid dreamer.

And if you are a poor sleeper like me, then keeping a dream journal is a lovely way to make bedtime a ritual, which helps me sleep better. It can prevent nightmares too.

It’s not just an activity for your memory, it is activity for brain health.

So here is a Free Dream Journal Printable that you can use to start your own writing experiment.

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This was the last freebie included in our May 2019 Craft in Style Subscription Box. Craft in Style is a monthly subscription full of craft supplies that all fit together to make many projects. In May, we started with Geometric Concrete Vessels, then learned How to Color Concrete. Last we made an easy Lavender Drawer Sachet.

The freebies in the May 2019 Box are a DIY Moon Phase Flip Book and these Dream Journal Printables that you can download here. All these items are perfect for your night stand!

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Whether you got the Dream Journal Printables from the Craft in Style Box or you are downloading them for yourself here, you have many options of how to use them. You could print them out on regular sized paper and keep it simple. Or you could print them postcard size and bind them together into a notebook.

However you print them, the important part is to keep them on your night stand or anywhere next to where you sleep so you have access to them as soon as you wake up. And don’t forget to have a pretty pen handy!

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As soon as you wake up, find your Dream Journal Printable and collect your thoughts. Consider the mood of your dream, how you felt, and what the dream looked like. Any of those details are helpful. Write them all down and use the front and back or many sheets of the printable if you need.

Think: colors, symbols, people, how did you feel in the dream? How do you feel now? Does the dream have a title or could you create one for it?

It’s important to write it down as soon as you can, as most people begin to forget their dreams within a few minutes. Try to remember details, even when you need to push yourself. It’s worth it.

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There are so many benefits to keeping a dream journal. As you gain practice remembering and writing down your dreams, your dreams may become more vivid and full of life. Across many dreams, you may find common people, common settings, or common themes which you can explore. It’s also wonderful for creativity!

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It’s a great way to empower yourself and improve your overall memory. And it’s a key component to better sleep and gaining mastery over our dreams. I hope this helps you get an even more restful night’s sleep! Happy dreaming.

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