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Let’s play dress up with our wine glasses! You know I love to add a little style to my cocktails and fresh herbs are always a great idea to bring the outside in. These Herb Wine Glass markers can be made with fresh herbs, ivy, and any kind of greenery. It gives a fresh, living, green moment to any glass.

These DIY Herb Wine Glass Markers are easy to make and party perfect! It’s a great way to establish who’s glass belongs to whom. So let’s get to making them.

supplies to make diy fresh herb wine glass markers

Supplies to Make Herb Wine Glass Markers:

Fresh Herbs that are Sturdy (like Rosemary) or Ivy
Thin Wire
Wire Cutters
Optional: A Bit of Twine or Ribbon

And of Course – Wine Glasses!

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First, gather all your herb and floral supplies in addition to your drinking glasses. Now you don’t actually need to use wine glasses, it’s just the most common reason that I need drink markers. I always lose my wine glass at a party, so this is a perfect and dreamy way to know what glass belongs to whom.

Any glass with a stem is perfect for this diy. Before you get started, you will need to measure the base of the glass. Your Drink Marker will need to be smaller than the base, so that it will stay on and not slip off!

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Cut your rosemary and other herbs into 4-6 inch lengths. Once you have an idea of how big the drink marker should be, make a circle of wire. Again, be sure it’s smaller than the base of your glass.

Next, cut a longer strip of wire and get your greenery ready. Using the second length of wire, wrap the rosemary or other herbs to the wire circle. Use a spiral motion to attach the two together. After your first length of herb and when you add a second piece of herb to your wire base, be sure that it overlaps to create a continuous loop and doesn’t leave any blank spots.

how to wrap the diy fresh rosemary drink markers craft tutorial

To make your circles look just perfect and for your herbs to lay flat, you may need to make more loops of wire at the start and finish of each length of herbs. And less in the middle of the length of herb.

If too much wire shows, try wrapping it with a bit of baker’s twine to cover it. If you want these Herb Wine Glass Markers to rock at your next party, be sure to make all of them a little different! Telling them apart is essential! That’s why I used fresh plants in addition to rosemary. I even tried these little red berries and stems which are so dreamy.

herb wine glass markers diy pop shop america

And if you need even more decor for your glasses, try these 5 Different Cocktail Stirrers that you can diy here.

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