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Adorable! If you’ve got a travel bug, you’ve got to make these adorable DIY Map Drink Stirrers. They are so easy to make and so much fun in your cocktail. I imagine these in a Hurricane Cocktail or any cocktail that has regional appeal.

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You could use any kind of map. It could be vintage, Tolstoy’s Russia, The Ottoman Empire, Topographical, or a US Highway map. Any of them would be cute.

Supplies to Make DIY Map Drink Stirrers

X-Acto Knife
Bamboo Skewers
A Map
Glue Gun
Optional: A Cutting Mat

detail of supplies for diy swizzle sticks with maps

We we’re inspired by the flag shape that we used for the DIY Leather Cocktail Stirrers that you can find here. This shape fits perfectly with the flag and travel motifs.

All you need to do to make the flag shape is cut 2 rectangles of map the same size. One will become the back and one will become the front of your finished cocktail stirrer.

Next, cut two triangles along one of the shorter sides. The triangles certainly don’t need to be perfect! So don’t worry too much. The 2 flag shapes just need to be the same as each other so when you glue them to the cocktail stirrer, they will line up perfectly.

diy map drink stirrers pop shop america crafts

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If you want to make a set, it may be easiest to make all the flags at once and then affix them all to the bamboo skewers at once too. So I cut a whole bunch of flags! As far as affixing them to the bamboo skewer, that’s just some simple hot glue!

Hot glue dries quickly, so it will all come together really fast.

finished map drink stirrers pop shop america

finished map drink stirrers pop shop america crafts

Now the real question is what kind of cocktail or drink are you going to put them in?!? These cocktail stirrers, because they have paper flags and they are made with wood are best as a one time use – much like paper straws. So be sure to throw them out after you use them. And happy drinking!

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finished flag cocktail stirrers in a glass pop shop america

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