How to Make a Eucalyptus & Holly Flower Bouquet for Winter

how to arrange a eucalyptus and holly flower bouquet

If you are looking to create a gorgeous flower arrangement that says winter – then look no further! This arrangement is wintery, it smells incredible, and the supplies are easy to find!

All of the fresh greenery in this bouquet is affordable and so pretty. So let’s make this wintery Eucalyptus & Holly Flower Bouquet!

winter fresh greens and holly to make a winter floral bouquet


A White Ceramic Pitcher
1 Bunch of Eucalyptus
1 Bunch of Pine (preferable with baby pine cones)
1 Bunch of Holly
2 Additional Bunches of a Greenery of Your Choice
+I chose Eucalyptus because there are so many varietals with different shapes and sizes!

add eucalyptus to a winter flower bouquet pop shop america

Eucalyptus smells amazing. It’s gorgeous when it’s fresh and it keeps very well when it’s dry. That’s what makes this bouquet perfect for winter. Even when the bouquet dries, it will still have a beautiful and fresh scent.

So this bouquet can last all winter.

adding pine holly and eucalyptus to a winter flower bouquet

Holly berries give this bouquet a wintery color palette and that pop of red works so well with the green! Nothing says winter like holly. It’s perfect for this bouquet.

Pine is perfect for wintery diy’s. Not just because of the scent, but also because it’s flexible and can be used in different ways. Here’s a holiday wreath made with fresh pine.

pinecones, pine, and greens to add to a winter bouquet of flowers

If your Eucalyptus & Holly Flower Bouquet doesn’t smell as strong as you would like, you could add a bit of scented cinnamon sticks to the bunch. Did you notice mine here? It’s like a Where’s Waldo of flowers! Adding cinnamon sticks or pine cones will only help the fragrance if you find scented versions. It’s an option but certainly not a requirement for this bouquet.

how to make a winter bouquet diy - flowers by pop shop america

I kept all my greenery long and barely trimmed a thing. Because there is so much green, this bouquet looks perfect when it’s a bit wild, unruly, and natural.

If you are trimming your pieces, be sure to trim them underwater and at an angle. The pitcher itself helps fan the flowers out in a pattern. It arranges itself! But if you want to dig into to arranging even more, check out our blog post here. It has lots of tips and tricks.

winter bouquet diy pop shop america flower tutorials

You may want your Eucalyptus & Holly Flower Bouquet to have different heights. So as you place your greenery in the pitcher, feel free to pull pieces out, trim them, and put them back until you have a shape that you like.

Gorgeous and simple, right? So are you going to make a Eucalyptus & Holly Flower Bouquet? Tell us in the comments and show us what pitcher you used.

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