15 Gorgeous Candle DIYs That Are Totally Irresistible

15 gorgeous candle tutorials pop shop america

There is nothing better than handmade candles! They are so easy to make and oh so fun. What’s really great about making DIY Candles yourself is that you can be so versatile and create so many unique styles that you will never find shopping!

Here are some of the most stylish and most fun to make DIY Candle Tutorials from around the web. Happy making!

DIY Floral Smudge Candle

diy terrarium candles hero shot_small

Love flowers? Then add them to your candle! This DIY Floral Smudge Candle is full of dried flowers that are safe to burn too. It adds a gorgeous smudgey scent to your home as they burn.

DIY Marbled Candles

marbled candles diy pop shop america

How gorgeous are these Marbled Candles? You can start with any pre made and candles and then give them a dip for this awesome result!

Geometric Shaped Candles

geometric shaped candles tutorial

These shapes are so much fun that I don’t think I would even want to burn these candles. Believe it or not, they are easy to make too!

Pink Dipped Candles

pink dipped candles pop shop america

Ombre dreams come true! You could make these in any color – not just pink and this dip dye technique is pretty enough for a gift or a stylish dinner party.

DIY Earl Grey Teacup Candle

diy earl gray teacup candle

How much do you love these teacup candles? This one is Earl Grey which is the perfect scent for a teacup like this.

Lemon Beeswax Candle DIY

lemon beeswax candle tutorial

These tiny tealights are just magical in a lemon peel. And it’s such a fun use of lemons too.

Lavender & Beeswax Candle

Adding these simple lavender buds to this candle makes it oh so pretty. And a touch of beeswax will help the candle burn slower.

Pink Ombre Crayon and Candle DIY

pink ombre crayon and candle diy

Looking for colored candles? Crayons are such an easy way to brighten your wax! This simple technique makes a stylish ombre.

Handmade Seashell Candles

finished gilded seashell candles diy pop shop america

These seashell candles are just dreamy. I can see them in a beach house and they would make a perfect gift.

Grapefruit & Beeswax Candle

Handmade Beeswax Candles

This Candle DIY is all about a gorgeous scent! And reusing a pretty jar like this also makes for a super special creation.

Fern Leaf Candle Tutorial

fern leaf candle tutorial pop shop america

These all natural leaves are added to the sides of a candle. These candles are a show piece!

Terra Cotta Candle DIY

DIY Terra Cotta Candles 5-1

What a cool use of Terra Cotta! You could even paint them or give them a rustic white wash to personalize them more.

Simple Herb Candles DIY


This is a candle meant for burning! It’s simple to make and incorporates dried herbs for a gorgeous look and lovely scent.

Printed Paper Candle DIY

printed paper candle diy pop shop america

Who knew that you could use tissue paper or even paper napkins to decorate a candle? Read this tutorial from Something Turquoise to find out how. Because this is my new favorite DIY!

DIY Henna Candles

henna candles pop shop america


I’m obsessed with these henna candles. The tutorial has been removed to the basic gist would be to use natural henna in simple shapes like these. Don’t have henna? Use a touch of brown fabric paint to achieve the same look!

DIY Fresh Herb Water Candles

how to make fresh herb water candles pop shop america

Can you believe this is the first candle tutorial that includes water? Floating candles and water candles make such a gorgeous centerpiece and this craft tutorial is super easy!

DIY Pressed Flower Candles

how to make pressed flower candle diy craft in style pop shop america

Here’s another tutorial that uses already made candles instead of pouring your own wax! It’s gorgeous because it’s full of pressed flowers.

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