How to Temper White Chocolate

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I’m getting ahead of myself but let me just start by saying – it’s easier than you think! Tempering white chocolate is easy and fun! That’s why making Edible Glitter White Chocolate Bars like these or Edible Flower White Chocolate Bark like this is within reach.

There are several different methods that you can use – none of them requiring a candy thermometer. In fact, any method using a candy thermometer is unnecessary and complicated. So let’s get started!

pour white chocolate in a bowl to temper

Why Temper White Chocolate

If you are familiar with candy making you may know about that luscious, snappy hard crack of chocolate that you can only get when you temper it. Tempering is when you melt and reform the chocolate crystals in a way that makes hard at room temperature. It’s what makes a candy bar a candy bar – instead of it having the texture and consistency of fudge.

It’s the easiest way to make white chocolate candy bars or shavings to top you ice cream!

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Supplies Temper White Chocolate

There are 2 Easy Methods to Temper White Chocolate. For the first method, tempering in a microwave, all you need is:

White Chocolate in Your Desired Quantity
A Microwave Safe Bowl (preferably glass)
A Large Spoon for Stirring

To Temper Chocolate on the Stove:
White Chocolate in Your Desired Quantity
A Double Broiler
A Wooden Spoon (or anything big for stirring)

And You Will Also Need:
A Stove

let the white chocolate cool at room temperature

How to Temper White Chocolate (in a Microwave)

My fail proof method is to temper chocolate by using a microwave. It’s the easiest way in the world. Start by using more than 8 to 12 oz. at once. Tempering small quantities of chocolate is harder than tempering a lot.

Whatever quantity you choose, place 2/3 of the total in a glass or microwave safe bowl. Place the rest to the side to “seed” the chocolate later.

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Heat the chocolate in the 30 second increments. Then remove the chocolate from the heat and stir thoroughly. Continue to heat until all the chocolate is melted. Be careful to spend just as much time stirring as you do heating the chocolate. It is possible to burn chocolate in the microwave.

Once your chocolate is completely melted you will start to seed the chocolate.

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Add small amounts of the chocolate that you had to the side and stir thoroughly. Just add a few pieces and continue to stir until it’s completely blended into the melted white chocolate. Then add more. Continue this process until no more solid white chocolate will blend into the melted white chocolate.

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Last, pour the liquid white chocolate into your molds or into a 9 x 9 baking pan. Allow the chocolate to cool completely. This won’t take much time at all! Perhaps an hour or so. And viola – perfectly tempered white chocolate!

spread and smooth the white chocolate in molds

How to Temper White Chocolate (on the Stove)

Now you know there isn’t just one way to temper chocolate. You can also use a stove! The difference is you will want to use a double broiler with water in the bottom layer. Then you will place your white chocolate in the top.

smoothed white chocolate ready to cool

The steps are exactly the same, and you can find the full tutorial on How to Temper Chocolate on the stove here. With either method, you don’t need a thermometer or any extra tools! You just need a little bit of know how.

white chocolate bars finished

Now that you’ve tempered your chocolate, it’s time to make some delicious treats! So what are you going to make? Tell us in the comments! And happy baking.

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