Learn How to Hand Letter with Simply Lettering Magazine

learn hand lettering with simply lettering magazine

Thank you Craft Stash for providing this free copy of Simply Lettering for review! Affiliate links are included in this post but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Current trend that I can’t get enough of: hand lettering! Hand lettering is so gorgeous and versatile. You can use the technique across some many different materials and so many different types of projects.

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For example you could hand letter chalkboard mugs like these here. Or you could use hand lettering to make your own map stationery like this. What most people don’t realize about hand lettering is that you do not need innate talent to learn how to hand letter. Let me introduce you to the new craft magazine – Simply Lettering.

Simply Lettering is all about modern calligraphy and is full of projects, information on supplies, spotlights on cool makers and more. It’s also super affordable and retails for less than $10.

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It comes with 3 different pieces – the magazine, 2 brush lettering pens (one black and one gray), and a workbook (this one is specifically for the brush and dip pens included with the magazine). Just the pens alone would retail at around the same price as the magazine!

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The magazine has over 21 projects that you can work through. Projects all include lettered components but range from quote art cards to lettered paintings with India Ink and from bullet journaling to faux calligraphy gift tags.

There’s a whole range of styles, color palettes, and techniques that are showcased inside Simply Lettering.

simply lettering magazine workbook and brush lettering pens

The magazine and workbook fit together to provide everything you need to learn the basics of hand lettering and the projects make it fun for anyone that already has experience with the technique! So let’s take a look inside the magazine.

table of contents simply lettering magazine

learn chalkboard lettering tutorial simply lettering magazine

The table of contents shows you highlights of all the projects included. And my favorite of the projects just might be bullet journaling.

There’s also an awesome tutorial that explores chalkboard lettering. And Issue 2 of Simply Lettering will explore chalkboard lettering even more in depth and will include 2 chalkboard lettering pens instead of brush pens like this issue.

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One of my favorite things is how thorough and detailed the instructions on how to form letters is. This is perfect for anyone getting started – especially if you don’t know where to begin.

learn how to hand letter workbook by simply lettering magazine

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The workbook begins with practice sheets for 4 different styles of fonts. All of the practice sheets and everything else from the workbook can also be downloaded for free on their website here.

The workbook also includes templates of all of the tutorials from the magazine – including the bullet journaling, chalkboard lettering and everything else. Seeing them in the workbook made me realize that all the projects are interchangeable as well!

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If you need Simply Lettering to help you learn how to hand letter be sure to pick up a copy here. We’ll also be hosting a giveaway for this magazine for our VIP Rewards Members.

And if you are ready to start more lettering projects check out some of our tutorials below that are fun and stylish!

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