Pink Ombré Printable Flower Bouquet Wrap

pink ombre flower bouquet paper wrap free printable

In the mood for pink? This Flower Bouquet Paper Gift Wrap is all about color! It’s super pretty and it’s the perfect way to wrap a bouquet. If you are giving a bouquet as a gift for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day – this would be a lovely way to make it look finished. It doesn’t need to be a holiday to use this paper, you could print and use this flower gift wrap paper anytime.

free printable flower bouquet gift wrap with pink triangles

It’s a gradient pink ombre that starts light and airy and becomes almost purple. It’s covered it tons of triangles at a million different angles. It’s really colorful and really modern.

To print it, download the file here. It’s free, easy to use, and you can keep it forever! Print it on your home printer or if you want to get fancy, take it to a local copy shop. That’s what I did, and my printable flower paper turned out gorgeous! It prints on regular sized A4 paper – 8.5 x 11 inches.

close up with flowers pink flower paper gift wrap printable

You can use any kind of flowers. I chose some bright tulips and some really pretty wildflowers. Since this paper is fairly small compared to regular flower bouquet paper – you will want to use this for either small flowers or a small bouquet with short stems.

You can always trim your stems, to make your bouquet fit this paper perfectly.

pink ombre paper printable wrap pop shop america

To wrap your flowers with this paper, angle the bouquet diagonally across 2 corners. This will give you bouquet the most amount of length possible. Tuck the corner around the bottom stems of the flowers. Now just fold one side over the other. I finished my bouquets with just a tiny bit of twine.

how to wrap the paper flowers paper pop shop america

The green of the leaves and the pink of the paper look so gorgeous together! This color paper would also be fabulous with yellow flowers, white flowers, or all green flowers too.

free printable flower bouquet paper gift wrap

That’s all you need to make this Pink Ombré Flower Bouquet Paper gift ready! This would be a perfect gift for a housewarming party, for a girlfriend on her birthday, Mother’s Day, or lots of other holidays. So what are you going to use your for?

finished pink ombre flower bouquet paper wrap

And if you are in love with flowers like I am, here are some of my favorite Flower DIYs from the blog. You can read about how to dye flowers black here. And you can make this Texas Wildflower Crown here. Last but not least, here’s how to make an easy floral smudge bundle.

detail of finished bouquets with pink ombre paper printable gift wrap

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