How to Make a DIY Paper Flower Boutonniere

DIY Paper Flower Boutonniere Pop Shop America

We love this DIY Boutonniere made with gorgeous paper flowers and gorgeous leaves. This is a perfect way to dress up a suit and oh so stylish for spring.

This would make a great accessory for a wedding or prom too! It perfectly matches this Gorgeous Paper Flower Corsage one of our latest DIY creations here on the blog. The best part about this DIY Boutonniere is that unlike fresh flowers, you can keep this forever!

It’s easy to make so just keep scrolling to get the full tutorial. All you need to do to start is gather a few supplies that you can find on Amazon, Etsy, or at your local craft shop.




Paper Flowers
Paper Leaves
Floral Wire
Floral Tape
Hot Glue Gun
1 Pinback

The most important thing is to use paper flowers that are all about quality. I’ve seen some ugly ones out there so be careful where you shop! Pay attention to quality.


First, cut a small strip of floral wire, about 6 inches or so and set it aside. Carefully arrange your flowers, like a bouquet, just how you want them. Gather all of the flowers together in a bundle and be sure that all the wires connected to the flowers are in the same place.



Use your separate wire to wrap around in circles around your paper flower bouquet. Make sure you are wrapping it nice and tight. Then cover your wire wrapping with floral tape which you should also stretch as tight as you can. I like to cover the wires all the way up to the paper leaves.


Then snip the wires at the bottom to make it nice and even. You can use regular scissors because the wire is so thin. But wire cutters work great too! I left my green stems bare because I love green but you could also wrap this in ribbon or in jute.


I used hot glue first to glue the leaf to the flowers, then to glue the pinback to the leaf. Make sure you keep you pinback free from hot glue so that it can open and close on it’s own. You will also want to hold the pieces in place for a few seconds, until the glue dries.



And viola! You’ve got a super stylish DIY Boutonniere that’s perfect for any suit jacket! Just pin it on and you are good to go. I love this Paper Flower Boutonniere because you don’t have to worry about it not looking fresh – like a live flower could – at the end of a long event.



So where are you going to wear your DIY Boutonniere? Need some ideas? How about wearing it to one of our DIY Workshops?


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