Simple DIY Rose Gold Hangers

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A few months ago, while trying to sort out my wardrobe, I went on a hunt for pretty rose gold hangers to re-populate my closet in an aesthetically pleasing way – and I would have never thought it could be so difficult to find the perfect hangers! It might be that I’m very fussy, I don’t love anything too cheap that I know won’t support the weight of my clothes for a long while, and at the same time I wanted something very specific that fitted with the aesthetic I had in mind, but yes, it was pretty complicated and at some point I gave up!

But you might remember one of my latest DIY article here in this blog, where I was using some copper/rose gold spray paint – and so I got one of those light-bulb moments and thought I could definitely make good use of it again by creating my very own DIY rose gold hangers, the perfect colour I wanted and the perfect shape and supportive material too!

This DIY project is actually pretty simple but super fun! I intentionally bought some new hangers for this project, but I bet it can be an interesting idea to give some old anonymous hangers a fresh new modern look, if you fancy!

Materials to make some simple DIY rose gold hangers

DIY Rose Gold Hangers How-To


– Rose gold metallic spray paint (you can get one at any local craft store or online here)
– Wood hangers (you can find a lot of different shapes on Amazon sold in very convenient packs of multiple hangers – I got mine in a local craft store between the items you can customize and paint)
– Washi tape


01. Firstly you want to make sure you cover the metal hooks or any metal piece in your hangers with some washi tape to avoid getting the paint on them too (you could definitely do that if you like the idea of a completely rose gold hanger, but I quite fancied the contrast with the silver of the hooks!). Carefully wrap the hooks in washi tape so that any part of them is completely covered.

DIY rose gold hangers how-to: cover the hooks with washi tape

02. Now bring your hangers outside, cover your surface with an old newspaper or some paper just in general, and start spray painting!

03. You want to make sure you cover all the surface of your hangers properly, so be very careful about the lateral faces as well. You want to follow the instructions on your spray paint on how long it takes to dry (mine took, I’d say, 15-20 minutes) before flipping them over and painting the other side too.

DIY rose gold hangers tutorial: spray paint

DIY rose gold hangers: remove the washi tape

04. Give them a couple of hours before bringing them back in and unwrapping the hooks from the washi tape. You might want to also wait 24 hours before you hang any clothes on them, just to be 100% sure you won’t stain them – but again, do check the packaging of your paint to be sure!

Final result of this simple DIY rose gold hangers tutorial


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2 thoughts on “Simple DIY Rose Gold Hangers

    • Giada Correale says:

      Hi Rebecca! I got them from a local craft store here in Italy called “Viridea”. I’m not sure it can help as I don’t think they have stores anywhere else outsite of Italy. Do check Amazon, they have a lot of different options. I hope you can find something similar!

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