Social Media Platforms You Need to Stop Ignoring Now

Social media channels you need to stop ignoring now

If you think that Facebook and Instagram are the only game, then you are dead wrong. Too often businesses stick to the basic 4: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and then ignore other social media. These Social Media Platforms You Need to Stop Ignoring Now are listed below. They might be more fun, have just as many users, and give you better results. They may fit your niche better too.

Don’t get me wrong, there are things I love about Facebook – like for 1 – how affordable and easy the advertising can be. Pinterest is my go to and we’ve had many blogs blow up and go completely viral through the channel. But it doesn’t mean that they are the only social media. And I am never an advocate of putting all your eggs in one basket. If you had soley dedicated yourself to facebook, consider how frustrated you would have been when they limited the reach of all business accounts.

If marketing your business is important to you. And if you have extra time or extra budget in your marketing, then you must try out these other channels. Read our picks below.

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Tumblr is one of the largest microblogging + social networks that is perfect for creatives. It has over 115 million monthly active users per month and has a fairly young user base. It’s all about pop culture and having fun. It uses hashtags to help you find relevant interests.


Houzz is a visual search engine – similar to pinterest but all about creating the perfect home. That makes Houzz perfect for designers, furniture and lighting professionals, artists, and gardeners and landscapers. If you have anything do do with home building, designing, or furnishing this is a great app for you. Houzz users are highly engaged and have a long time per page. Perfect! Be sure to add yourself as an expert and add photos of your projects.


If Snapchat is dead, it’s probably Zombie Snapchat and just as cool as ever! It may be “losing” to Instagram but this platform still has one of the largest user bases of any social media. And snapchat doesn’t have an annoying “smart filter” that blocks all the people you really want to see.


If you host events, you need to get savvy with Meetup. With 35 million monthly active users, all who are there to connect with real, live in person events, it can be a great forum for anyone. It’s especially great for free events and activities where strangers can feel welcome. Join our Meetup here!


With over 330 million monthly active users, Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet. When it comes to using Reddit to promote yourself or your business tread lightly because Reddit users can be a finnicky and treacherous bunch. But if you love internetting – this is home base. It’s where you can find the best of the web. has over 160 million monthly active users per month and has it’s headquarters in Latvia! This platform is all about asking and answering questions and started out as a place to stay anonymous. Now it’s a lot more out in the open and a lot less scary.


With over 112 million monthly active users, is this photo storage or is it a social media? Well, it’s a bit of both because you can follow your friends and be followed too. Which makes it important to label, tag, and organize all your photos. And always include linkbacks to your website for each photo set.

The Knot

Okay now we’re getting into the weeds with these social platforms. The Knot is actually a Wedding Planning Website, but if your business in any way related to this field, you need to join. And probably add Wedding Wire and any additional wedding platforms to this list. This is also a great place to offer solid advice – like sharing cool products and cool DIYs on their forums where brides discuss ideas. I recommend this, because it’s a very profitable space to be in.


Called “The Sleeping Giant” of the news industry, Flipboard has over 100 million active users per month. It integrates with your RSS feed, so you don’t have to do much and helps organize your blogs into online magazines. It’s great for travel blogs, current news, or even art and culture blogs. Because it integrates with your RSS, set up should be a no brainer.


If you are a food blogger or create any kind of food products, Yummly is important. Although it’s niche, it’s has over 2 million recipes on the website and a huge opportunity for those recipes to go viral. To add to the purchasing power, Yummly is adding a shopping list feature – available in some locations so users can meal plan. This is a website that you should familiarize yourself and add all your recipes to.


What social media have you never heard of? Never used? Which ones are you planning on trying now that you’ve learned more? Tell us in the comments.

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