Make this Prom Perfect DIY Paper Flower Corsage

DIY Paper Flower Corsage for Prom

I’m like a character in Grease! Here I am over 30 and make the cutest ever Prom Corsage. We even made a DIY Flower Boutonniere for guys that you can find here!

This DIY Paper Flower Corsage is all about bright color. I love it so much I could imagine wearing it on lots of different occasions. Think about how cute this would be with just a simple pair of jeans and white t-shirt. Or how about using this as a ribbon for your hair.

To make this DIY Paper Flower Corsage all you need are a few simple supplies. The supplies are quite versatile so go ahead and get creative along the way!



Velvet Ribbon
Paper Flowers
Paper Leaves
Hot Glue Gun

If you want to change the supplies around, you can easily swap the velvet ribbon for satin or another kind. Instead of paper flowers you could use silk flowers.



To measure the ideal ribbon length, wrap the ribbon around your wrist a few times. Remember that you are going to want to tie your ribbon in a bow, so you will want plenty of extra. My ribbon ended up being around 24 inches and I have a pretty small wrist.



You can use as many flowers as you like. Layer them, have fun with them, and create a cool pattern. I just used a few because I was looking for something minimal. Once you are ready, snip the ends as close to the paper flower as possible. You can use scissors and if you have any issues wire cutters will do the trick.


I snipped the wires from the leaves too and be sure to keep your flowers near your ribbon and be sure that your ribbon is nice and flat.


A hot glue gun takes a bit to warm up and when you add glue to your ribbon it will dry really fast, so you must add your flowers quickly!


Be sure to arrange your paper flowers and leaves exactly how you want them because your hot glue will be dry before you know it. If you don’t love the arrangement, wait for the hot glue to dry completely and carefully peel your flowers off and start again.


If you see any glue around the edges you can peel that too for a totally professional look. And viola! You have your very own Prom Perfect DIY Paper Flower Corsage!


To wear it, just tie it in a knot or tie it in a bow! Now who’s taking me to prom? Because I’m ready for a limousine!



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