Tiki Ukulele Chord Chart – Free Printable Standard Tuning

tiki ukulele standard chord chart printable free

Fun fact. I’ve had about a billion hobbies in my life. I like to do a little bit of everything and one of my favorite things is to play music. I love my ukulele because it’s such a small sweet instrument.

I love instruments that sound like magic sprinkles and this is definitely one of them. For all the newbies or students of the ukulele that are forever learning, here’s a free printable chord chart for a standard tuning of the ukulele.


tiki ukulele chords chart printable_small

Print this Chord Chart and hang it on your wall for easy playing anytime! It’s a handy chart to learning all your chords and it’s totally free. We made it Tiki Themed because hey! It’s a ukulele after all. If you are learning to play, here are some basics to help you get started. And we’ve included some cool songs too!


Ukulele Basics:

Most people strum with their right hand and hold the neck with their left. It’s really similar to a guitar or bass – just super tiny. It’s great for ladies for that reason. You don’t need calluses to play the ukulele like you do with a guitar. Also, you don’t need a guitar pick.

Standard Tuning is G C E A. That means your top string is tuned to G. Then C. Then E. A is your tuning for the string at the bottom.

The motion you use to play is a twist of the wrist and hand. You arm should stay in the same place. Most songs should be played with a down strum – that’s when you move your wrist and hand down. And additionally play with an up strum – that’s when you move your wrist upward across the strings.

Playing is simple but mastering it can be difficult! The best way is to try out some songs and improve your speed when changing chords.

Best Ukulele Songs to Learn:


Somewhere Over the Rainbow


La Vie en Rose


Beatles – Here Comes the Sun


Bob Dylan – Mr. Tambourine Man


CCR – Have you Ever Seen the Rain


Let’s Stay Friends!

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One thought on “Tiki Ukulele Chord Chart – Free Printable Standard Tuning

  1. bruce socha says:

    Thank you for letting me download the chord chart. I have just been trying to sound out songs by chance. I have given up on TV, there is
    nothing worth watching. I either read of pick away at the ukulele.
    Thanks again.

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