Top 5 Ways to Be Cool This Summer

Ways to Be Cool this Summer | From the Pop Shop America Blog | Lifestyle Blog Texas

1. Waterparks –  Oh so underrated! Water parks have a season pass which usually pays for itself in two visits. In Texas, we have one of the great ones, Schlitterbahn, which takes over a day to get through. During the week they have less kids but Saturdays are pure chaos.

Spa Water Recipes from SImply Delicious Beauty | Ways to Stay Cool in the Summer | Pop Shop America DIY Blog Texas

2. Spa Water- I love, love, love this concept. Imagine a flavored water that is full of vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals. My home recipe is 1 spring of mint, 4 slices of cucumber, and 1 lemon wedge added to a mason jar. Fill the mason jar with water and refrigerate for 1 hour.     Here are more recipes that I love from Simply Delicious Beauty.

Lemon Lavender Cocktail by Bake Noir | Top 5 Ways to Stay Cool in the Summer | Blogs from Houston | Summer in Houston

3. Cocktails with Lemon, Cucumber, or Mint- Nothing cools you down and helps you relax like an old fashioned cocktail in the summer heat. Here’s a few of our favorite spirits to wet your whistle.

Cucumber Cooler by The Minimalist Baker              Lemon Lavender Cocktail by Bake Noir               Melon Mint Sangria by Caleigh’s Kitchen

Make a Summer Bucket List from the Free People Blog | Things to Do this Summer | Pop Shop America a DIY Blog

4.  Summer Bucket List- Free People is one of my favorite blogs because it’s part fashion, part health, and has a really honest vibe to all of the writing. This idea is so cute that I had to make one too! My Bucket list includes spend more time with my dogs, go to Schlitterbahn with my boyfriend, and better organize my home.   Here’s their blog post Make a Summer Bucket List.

DIY Your Own Surf Spray from the Modern Wonderland Blog | Cool Summer DIY's | Make Natural Hair Products | From the Pop Shop America Blog

5. DIY Surf Spray- Here’s a recipe for getting perfect beach waves. This recipe is affordable and easy. I’ve tried both Bumble and Bumble and the handmade surf spray and can highly recommend both. Get Perfect Beach Waves by Modern Wonderland.

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