How to Make a Pom Pom Burger

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Here are instructions on how to make a Pom Pom Burger out of yarn! It’s a easy DIY in which you only need these supplies:

yellow or bun colored yarn

a small square of red, brown, yellow, and green felt


2 small pieces of painters tape

Now go! You can do it.

Start with 4 pieces of felt that have holes in the center. These will be the inside of the burger.

Here is a brown piece of felt for the meat patty, yellow cheese, green for the lettuce, and a piece of red to represent the ketchup. Scallop the edges of the green and red pieces to make them similar to the rough edges of lettuce and a squirt of ketchup. The burger patty has been cut into a circle.

Stack them on top of each other.

Make a short string of yarn around the circle of felt but don’t complete the circle. Let there be a small opening.  The ends of the strings should drape outside of the felt. Then tape the ends down with painters tape.

Notice that we made the yarn circle in between several layers of felt.

Here’s a close up of the ends of the strings and how they hang outside of the felt.

Now you are going to start looping a longer piece of yarn around the felt in a circle.  Move from the inside of the circle to the outside around and around. ln the right image, there is a spool of yarn that I made. This will make it faster and neater to loop the yarn.

Make loops all the way around the circle. Be sure to keep your two strings ends (the ones that you taped inside the felt) from getting tangled with your loops. The picture on the right is what it what look like when you are done. Notice that the yarn is messy. That’s okay. I actually keep the yarn loops nice and loose around the felt to make a bigger pom pom.

Find the two string ends. Remove the tape and tie the ends in one knot. Pull it really tight while you trim yarn around the outside. Place your scissors in between two layers of felt to use the felt as your guide. Once the yarn is trimmed all the way around, pull your knot really tight and tie a second knot.

Now trim the top bun into a more oval shape and the bottom bun into a cylinder. Give your pom pom a little hair cut to make a perfect bun shape.

Now you have a Burger Pom Pom!




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