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Summer is now officially here, and don’t know about where you live, but here in Italy we’re experiencing it at its fullest with a mixture of extreme temperatures and semi-tropical storms. Not sure what’s going on, but it’s making me SO looking forward to a vacation both ways. And if, like me, your vacation is not anytime soon – welcome to the club! But hey, I’ve something to cheer you up today.

As part of the seasonal wallpaper series, it’s finally time to share with you a free download of the Summer edition. These wallpapers are a little ode to anything refreshing, juicy and vacation-related, both in case you need something to coordinate your swimsuit to or a reason to escape somewhere else (but in your mind) for the less lucky of us…


Feel free to grab your wallpaper, available both for desktop and iPhone! Best of all, it’s totally free. Hope you enjoy!

Doesn’t it look so cute with this DIY Monstera Leaf Mouse Pad that I made?

You can make one of these for yourself or diy lots of different office accessories that will make your space feel so handmade.

Free Download Desktop Summer Wallpaper by Miel Café Design

Summer Wallpaper Free Download




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