Where to Shop for Stylish Face Masks Now

6 Places to Shop Stylish Face Masks Pop Shop America

We are now facing a reality that wearing a face mask in public is necessary for health and safety, however that doesn’t mean that you have to give up being stylish! I have organized a few of my favorite face mask sources in this post to share with you. I hope you find something you love for every socially distant occasion.

In this collection I have selected both everyday face masks that are comfy and reasonably priced. It is important to make wearing a mask part of a daily habit – just like putting on socks before you put on your sneakers. Keep it clean, you guys!

Plus all of these face masks have gorgeous patterns, fun colors, and are so cute to wear! So here are my top picks on Where to Shop for Stylish Face Masks now!

Bels Art

bels art face masks pop shop America

BelsArt make super cute patches, back patches, pins and now embroidered face masks! They come in three sizes and use ties to secure the mask to your face. It’s the perfect fit for anyone – kids and adults, guys and gals!


boca-sonar-masks society 6

mystic-eyes-primary-palette-masks society 6

Society6 – There are SO MANY great design options. These face masks are washable and they come with a pocket for inserting additional filters. I have two already, and one more on the way.

Here is a link to 48 of my favorite face mask designs on Society6 in a collection.

And here’s a post that Brittany wrote about an array of other stylish home goods you can find on Society6!

Wildflower & Co.


Wildflower & Co. – Personalize a tie-dye mask with a cute patch! Their selection of goods is hard to resist. In addition to these new face masks, they also have charms, ballcaps, stickers, pins, and more. Check it out!
Wildflower & Co. also has an Etsy storefront, found here.


linen embdroidered mask bag rumadi

BagRumadi is another Etsy Shop I adore. Have you ever seen such lovely double-layer linen and denim face masks with embroidery? If there was a mask that said “business-casual”, this would fall into that category. I could use one for each day of the week!

Many designers and independent artists are taking face masks to the next level. They are embellishing masks with beads, pearls, and even polly pockets and other tiny toys. Guess what – underneath all that flair, these masks are still a barrier between your mouth and the outside world! This really, is the best news I’ve had in awhile.

Fashion Brand Company

fashion brand company denim mask tote set

Penelope Gazin otherwise known as Fashion Brand and Company is perfect when you need that head to toe look. They offer matching mask and tote sets that are perfect for your outdoor farmers market runs. They also have coordinating fringed face masks and bicycle shorts. Watch out, Sexy!

Lirika Matoshi

lirika matoshio rainbow tulle face mask

Lirika Matoshi makes face masks that are extra special. Beaded strawberries, rainbow tulle, sequin daisies – perfect from brunch to black tie, or maybe just pretending like that is what you weekend entails….

I hope this post inspires you to look around the internet and find a wearable mask that you can live and breathe with. For me, it is important to express myself through clothing. I look at the normalization of facemasks in our society as a new avenue for doing just that.

Remember that we are not alone! We take these measures to care for ourselves and for each other. Wearing a face mask becomes a small thing to do to prevent spreading illness, if you make it fun.

Good health to you and yours – xoFlo

Please refer to CDC guidelines on how to wear a mask, and what type of mask is suitable to be considered adequate protection.

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