15 Summertime S’mores Inspired Recipes

15 Delicious S'Mores Recipes Pop Shop America

S’mores are the quintessential summer treat, and we’re taking them up a notch here with these 15 Summer-Perfect S’mores Inspired Recipes!

Psst: Check out these fun ways to change up your s’mores flavors. You can use some of these fun flavors in most of these recipes, too! 


Smore’s Cupcakes with Marshmallow Buttercream

marshmallow buttercream frosting on s'mores cupcakes

Our house has been on a s’mores kick, and these S’mores Cupcakes with homemade Marshmallow Buttercream were the first on our list. Next time, I’m trying them with these homemade Oreo marshmallows for a fun flavor twist!


Soft and Gooey S’mores Bars

loaded s'mores bars

Averie Cooks has created these loaded soft and gooey S’mores Bars. Think all your favorite s’mores ingredients packed in between a flour and butter dough mixture. Are you sold yet?



S’mores Bites

Graham Cracker S'mores Bites

How cute are these little Smore’s Bites from The First Year?? They’re the perfect size to pop the whole thing in your mouth at once, which for sure means they’re less messy than real s’mores, right? Asking for a super messy friend! HA.



S’mores Krispie Treats

Indoor S'mores Bars Recipes

These Smore’s Krispie Treats from Cooking With Karli will make you relive your childhood love of s’mores and Golden Grahams cereal. Crunchy, easy and delicious – a hit for everyone!



Frozen S’mores

Frozen S'mores Sandwiches Recipe

I mean, it is a little strange that the world loves a hot gooey marshmallow treat in the middle of summer. So why not make these simple Frozen S’mores Sandwiches from It’s Always Autumn? You’ll get marshmallow cream and chocolate pudding sandwiched between graham crackers and then frozen to icy-cool perfection.



S’mores Cookie Bars

S'mores Cookie Bars Recipe

You won’t be able to eat just one of these S’mores Cookie Bars from Sally’s Baking Addiction. She layers a brown sugar-graham cracker cookie crust with marshmallow crème and chocolate, before topping it with a second layer of cookie dough for a delicious, slightly sandwiched feel. Yum!



S’mores Cobbler

S'mores Cobbler Recipe

To make this S’mores Cobbler, Mostly Homemade Mom combined chocolate cake mix, chocolate pudding mix with a handful of other ingredients to make a yummy chocolate cobbler that’s worthy of any potluck table.



S’mores Layer Cake

Layered S'mores Cake Recipe

This gorgeous S’mores Layered Cake from Life, Love and Sugar is constructed of a thick, chocolate cake, marshmallow buttercream, and a beautiful chocolate drip to decorate the whole thing. Any chocolate lover would be eternally grateful for this cake as a birthday treat.



Chocolate S’mores Pudding Cake

Chocolate S'mores Pudding Cake

This S’mores Pudding Cake from Inside Bru Crew Life is a simpler cake than the one above, with a more comfort-food feel to this one. It’s basically a chocolate poke cake topped with marshmallow and graham cracker – so good and so easy!



Pretzel S’mores Bites

Pretzel Smores Bites Recipe

Sometimes it’s nice to have just a little taste of something sweet, without having to commit to a whole piece of cake or pie, or in this case, the whole s’more. These little Pretzel S’mores Bites from Well Plated are superbly bite sized – marshmallow sandwiched between salty pretzel squares and then dipped in sweet milk chocolate.



Easy S’mores Cheesecake Dip

half view fluffy s'mores dip

Dips are my favorite thing to take to any gathering or get-together, because they’re quick and easy. They also hold up well to being made ahead of time, and everyone takes some, because it’s easy to take just a spoonful. This Easy S’mores Cheesecake Dip is one that can be (mostly) made ahead of time and it’s so tasty, too!


Campfire S’mores Cones

Campfire S'mores Cones

S’mores are classically made over the campfire, but if you have young kids, they can be so messy. If we’re at home, it’s usually bathtime after my 4 year old eats a s’mores. But these Campfire S’mores Cones from Adventures of Mel take some of the messiness out by containing the marshmallow and chocolate in sweet waffle cones. These can also be made on the grill if you don’t want to start a fire! 


S’mores Cheesecake

S'mores Cheesecake with Chocolate Ganache

Not only is the recipe for this S’mores Cheesecake from Sense and Sensibility completely outstanding, she decorates the cheesecake in such a gorgeous manner too! This is one you can’t pass up.



S’mores Pizza

Graham Cracker S'mores Pizza

This S’mores Pizza from It’s Always Autumn has a delicious crust made from graham crackers, brown sugar and a handful of other ingredients. It’s then topped with squares of chocolate, marshmallows and more marshmallows, which are toasted to deliciousness!



S’mores Crunchwrap Supreme

s'mores crunchwrap recipe

I had to save this one for last, because this is one that you can’t turn down. Plus, make it once, and you won’t be able to resist making this S’mores Crunchwrap again. It’s everything you love about s’mores packed into the best parts of a crunchwrap – chocolate, marshmallow and crunchy graham crackers all wrapped up in a warm tortilla.

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