27 Modern & Cool Origami Tutorials

27 modern and cool origami tutorials pop shop america

Tis the season for paper folding! I know that so many of us have been stuck at home this summer and looking for cool things to do. Origami is gorgeous, detailed, and intricate!

One of my favorite things about origami is that all you need is paper! It’s affordable and can be styled in a million different colors depending on the paper you use.

There are so many different origami pieces that you can make, like pandas, bunnies, cute trinket boxes and more. So you can make and make origami without running out of patterns and tutorials to try.

So here are 27 Modern & Cool Origami Tutorials that you can try!

1. Koala Face Origami Tutorial

koala face origami tutorial pop shop america

How cute is this koala? If you love Australian Animals and were aware of the fires that devastated Australia last year, this is the perfect tutorial to start with.

2. Origami Cat Tutorial

This isn’t any ordinary cat. This cat is cool, vintage and feels arty. Best of all this is a fairly beginner friendly tutorial!

3. Origami Paper Dolls Tutorial

origami paper dolls tutorial

I just love all the bright colors in these Origami Paper Dolls! Their dresses and hair are so much fun that making them is going to be irresistible

4. Ninja Star Origami Tutorial


These ninja stars remind me of passing notes in middle school. They look cool when multi colored and they look amazing when they are made with gold paper too. Which one will you choose?

5. Easy Whale Family


This is a very beginner friendly origami tutorial that’s perfect for kids. Best of all, these whales are so sweet!

6. Easy Origami Umbrella


I just love the cool ripples of this DIY Origami Umbrella. This makes a very fun decoration and would look gorgeous in any color.

7. Origami Unicorn Tutorial


There’s nothing more magical than a unicorn, so an origami unicorn is a must make! These magical paper creatures have the cutest horns. Part of what makes them so much fun!

8. How to Fold a Paper Boat

watercolor paper boat diy with flag pop shop america

Now here is a simple origami tutorial that is perfect for little kids. Best of all it’s painted in a summery red, white and blue. This is a perfect origami tutorial for anyone starting out.

9. Origami Cactus Tutorial


Now we are talking modern origami! There is nothing cuter than a cactus like this. Now you can make a paper cactus that’s perfect for an office or for anyone with a black thumb.

10. Origami Conversation Heart Bookmarks

origami conversation heart bookmarks diy

This origami is also a bookmark! And what a cute way to keep up with all of your reading. Conversation hearts can say all kinds of positive things and show anyone (including yourself) that you love them.

11. Origami Pikachu Tutorial


I chose you, Pikachu! If you are a Pokemon fan then this origami Pikachu is perfect for you. It’s by Paper Kawaii, that have so many cool origami tutorials that you need to try.

12. Origami Navel Shell Tutorial

origami navel shell craft tutorial

How perfectly detailed is this nautilus shell? It looks amazing in a range of colors. I’ve seen it in marbled blues and more. The video tutorial is

13. Origami Bunny Rabbit Tutorial


Are you in love with sweet little animals like bunnies? Because these are a super fun origami pattern to make 2 different styles of cute bunnies!

14. Origami Hydrangea Tesselation Box


This box is tiny, detailed and impossible to resist! It’s part tessellation and party hydrangea flower. It’s a bit advanced, but I know you can do it!

15. Origami Fox Tutorial

diy origami fox paper folding tutorial

With all these tutorials, we can make a woodland forest! This fox may be my favorite and is a simple brown and white.

16. Origami Toadstools

origami toadstools mushrooms diy

These red and white toadstools feel vintage and jolly too. They even have little caterpillars living among the mushrooms. Now it really is a woodland forest of origami tutorials.

17. Origami Ice Cream Cone

origami ice cream cone tutorial

Summertime calls for origami like this! You can paint the cone to make the waffle patterns or even add rainbow dots in the ice cream to make sprinkles.

18. DIY Origami Crowns Tutorial


This is an origami tutorial that you can wear. It’s fun for kids and would be great for NYE too!

19. Origami Mouse Tutorial


Don’t you just love their little ears? These origami mice are just the cutest little things and so much better than the real thing!

20. Paper Succulent Garden Tutorials


This paper succulent garden actually has many different tutorials all in one. If you love plants then this tutorial is for you.

21. How to Make a Paper Slinky

how to make an origami slinky diy pop shop america

Did you know you could make a slinky out of paper? Well now you can! And this will lead to an endless amount of fun.

22. Origami Lotus Tutorial

origami lotus craft tutorial pop shop america

These lotus flowers are so pretty and would make a perfect centerpiece at any party. They are a must make!

23. Origami Elephant Tutorial

how to make an origami elephant tutorial

Here’s another video tutorial, which is such a great way to learn the patterns. Don’t worry, the steps are visualized nice and slow – making it perfect for anyone that’s not an origami expert.

24. How to Make Origami Lucky Stars

origami lucky stars by the spruce

Lucky stars may be one of the most popular origami. Traditionally, the are set in a glass but you could put yours anywhere!

25. Origami Fortune Cookies DIY

the crafting nook fortune cookie origami diy

If you have a sweet note that you want to give to a friend or significant other, try these super cute origami fortune cookies! I love the way these are patterned and get as much style inspiration as origami tutorial from these.

26. Expandable Origami Coin Purse

origami coin purse diy po pop shop america

Can you believe that these origami boxes expand and contract? It’s the perfect place to keep all your secret belongings!

27. Origami Panda Bear Tutorial

origami panda bear craft tutorial

If you didn’t get enough animal creatures, fall in love with these sweet pandas! They are too cute for words!

So which Origami Tutorial are you going to follow? Tell us in the comments and happy crafting!

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