Fifteen Cool Watermelon Craft Ideas

fifteen cool watermelon craft tutorials

Nothing is cooler than Watermelon! I just love those bright summery colors and adorable polka dot seeds. The palette of green and pink is so joyous and happy. It just screams summertime!

I collected some of my favorite DIY Activities from all across the web in this 15 Cool Watermelon Craft Ideas blog! It’s a non-stop parade of cool Watermelon DIY Tutorials. Check them out.

Watermelon Printed Napkins

DIY-Watermeon-Print-Napkins-pop shop america

These Watermelon Printed Napkins are created with a sponge and a stamping technique! It’s beginner friendly would be perfect for a summer soiree.

Watermelon Printed Muslin Bags

Mini-Watermelon-muslin bag diy

Got a cute treat that needs a super special package? These Watermelon Muslin Bags are so fun! They are little enough for any tiny object.

Felt Fruit Brooches

felt fruit brooches diy pop shop america

Wear fruit on your sleeve! These DIY Felt Brooches have happy faces which are sure to make you smile.

Mini Watermelon Pinatas

diy watermelon pinatas pop shop america

Make summertime party time with these adorable Pinatas! Believe it or not, these Watermelons are made from paper plates. They are perfect for all kinds of treats.

Felt Watermelon Garland

felt watermelon garlands pop shop america

If you are looking for some cute party decorations than this Watermelon Felt Garland is a must! It’s super easy and will make any space just a little more festive.

Tropical Fruit Pom Poms

pineapple and watermelon pom pom diy

Pom Pom power! Everyone loves a good pom pom and with this easy tutorial you can make them into Pineapples and Watermelons! Pom Poms make great garlands and cute displays.

Watermelon Floppy Hat

DIY-Watermelon-Hat-studio diy

I’m so excited that I was able to include this Studio DIY Floppy Hat! It is just the greatest blog and this hat is perfect poolside! It’s so colorful that it’s sure to stop the show.

Easy Watermelon Soap


How dreamy is this Watermelon Soap? You can make this in just a few minutes with this easy tutorial. The cut it into triangles for some extra cute! This would make such a lovely gift.

Homemade Watermelon Popsicles

I mean watermelon is food after all, so we had to include this cute spin on Watermelon Popsicles! Aren’t they just so tasty with their stripes of white, red, and green? Yum!

Watermelon Berry Boxes

watermelon berry baskets pop shop america

I hate to play favorites, but this may be my favorite DIY from this Fifteen Cool Watermelon Craft Ideas blog! I love how simple and sweet these Berry Boxes are and how you can fill them with so many cool things.

DIY Watermelon Stickers


These DIY Stickers are the perfect way addition to stationery and packages! You need a Cameo or a Cricut to make them but they are so much fun!

Dip Dyed Watermelon Scarves

diy dyed watermelon scarf pop shop america

Wear your watermelon! Nothing is prettier than pink and green so make this Easy Dip Dye Scarf which will keep you warm even when you are cold.

DIY Fruit Coasters


These coasters are bright and colorful! This easy DIY will show you how to paint your coasters into lemon wedges, orange wedges, and watermelon slices.

Hand Painted Watermelon Wrapping Paper

diy watermelon wrapping paper tutorial

If you love drawing and painting, this is the perfect DIY for you. This tutorial will show you how to make your own Watermelon Wrapping Paper but you could use this technique across all kinds of media to make art prints, bookmarks, stickers, and more.

Watermelon Dyed Shorts

watermelon-shorts_dye diy pop shop america

How dreamy are these Watermelon Shorts? This is the best way to rock out your summer style!

Bonus: Summer Fruity Fan Printable


Summers can be hot, hot, hot! So here’s a cute way to stay cool! This fan is free to print and makes summer fun. And here’s one more that will add later!

So what’s your favorite Watermelon DIY? Tell us in the comments and happy crafting.

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