Be a Renegade Gardener & Make these Paper Seed Bombs

This blog was originally created for the Pop Shop America Enews in 2013 by Houston Makerspace.

These Paper Seed Bombs aren’t just for renegade gardening! They also make super cute wedding gifts or gifts for just about anytime. There are several different methods to making seed bombs, all of which have their own merits.

Here’s a DIY Wildflower Seed Packet that we created last year at Pop Shop America, for example.

DIY Wildflower Seed Packets

Paper Seed Bombs are a different recipe than using clay or other materials. It’s easy to work with and leaves your hands mess free. They are also so versatile because you can choose any color paper and also form them into lots of different shapes.


Mold (Like a Candy Mold)
*if you want to skip the mold you can use a cookie sheet + rolling pin to smooth it out and cut it into shapes with cookie cutters



First, take your paper and shred it into small bits. They need to be small pieces – 1 inch or less. Remember your paper can be any color – white, pink, or yellow. Black would be cool too!

Add the paper and plenty of water to the blender. It should be at least a few cups of water. It’s okay to add too because you can always strain it out later. Please don’t overthink this step because the amount of water can vary! It depends on how thick your paper is and how well it absorbs water. There are lots of different paper with different qualities.

Blend the paper and water until it’s completely liquified.

Add your seeds and mix thoroughly. You can use any kind of seeds – herbs, wildflowers, sunflowers, or whatever you like.

Now put your pulp & seed mixture in the strainer. Use a little bittle of pressure to help it strain and keep the paper in the strainer for a few minutes. Now, add your paper mixture to the molds and apply additional pressure with a paper towel if any water is left.


Let them dry and viola – Paper Seed Bombs!


You can make them into lots of cool shapes. Simple shapes work best. More complicated shapes can get confusing. Here’s are some adorable daisy seed bombs by One Good Thing by Jillee.


pretty-paper-seed-bombs diy tutorial


And these pink heart seed bombs by Dabbles & Babbles are so fun!

heart-seed-bombs diy pop shop america

Here are some by Serendipity Refined that use a cookie cutter to shape. The easiest way to make these types of shapes is to roll out your paper mixture and press it with a rolling pin. While the paper is still wet, punch the shapes with a cookie cutter.

diy your own seed bombs craft class

Need more plants in your life? Here’s how to make a Succulent & Cactus Terrarium.

How to Make a Succulent Terrarium – Glass Bowl Terrarium

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4 thoughts on “Be a Renegade Gardener & Make these Paper Seed Bombs

  1. Kelly says:

    What do you do with them when they are done? plant them or throw them on top of dirt/ grass? Do they actually work and if so about how long does it take?

    • Brittany Bly says:

      Hi Kelly,

      You can do either: plant them or throw them in an abandoned lot or field. “Do they actually work” is too broad to be easily answered. For example, if you threw them in a lot in the middle of winter, no they won’t work. But if you throw wildflowers in a field in the spring, yes they will work! For that reason, I think knowing just a bit about plant care is super helpful! And considering what kinds of seeds you want to use and when. As far as germination, that too has variations based on location, time of year, and type of seed.

      If you have specific ideas of what kinds of seeds you want to use or where you want to plant them I can help more!

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