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This blog is the Part 2 of 2 tutorials for the February Craft in Style Subscription Box. You can find the additional tutorial for February, previous box tutorials, more about this box, and other Craft in Style Boxes here.

Love flowers but don’t want the drama of having to keep up, rewater, throw out old flowers, and then replace every few days? I relate!

It’s a lot of work to keep up with fresh, especially when making flowers with paper or with felt can be so gorgeous and fun! The trick is you need the right templates – and I’ve got some for you for free below. So let’s make these DIY Felt Flowers.

felt inside the felt flower craft in style box

Supplies to Make DIY Felt Flowers

February Craft in Style Subscription Box
Felt Sheets (4×6 for Small Flowers, 8×10 for Large)
+in flower colors like white, pink, red, or yellow
+green felt for the leaves
This Felt Flower Template Printed on Cardstock
Fabric Pen, Washable Pen or a Matching Colored Pen
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Optional: Floral Wire

Pro Tip:Try using felt that’s firmer and felt that’s softer to see what you prefer. I like both. The felt is soft and feels nice to work with. Firmer felt holds it’s shape easier. But you may have a preference.

supplies to make felt flowers and succulents

Step 1: Cut Your Flower Template

If you haven’t done so already, print your Flower Template on card stock. You can find the small flower template, the large flower template, and a succulent template here! The large template is perfect for a life like sized bouquet. The small template will make flowers that are around 2 inches across. You can use any template again and again!

templates for making felt flowers

Use scissors to cut out the template. The flower template is one seamless piece but the succulent pieces have many individual leaves that you cut individually.

cut felt flower making template

Step 2: Trace the Template on Felt

Once your template is cut, grab a light colored pen, a matching pen, a washable pen or a fabric pen. Any of these options will do. You can also use a pen in a complementary color. For example, if you are making a pink felt flower you could use a red pen to give it a pop of color!

place the template on top of felt

Try to line up your template along the edges of your felt. That way you can use as much of the felt as possible and you can also cut less!

close up of the felt after marking the template

You will need to be careful when you are holding your template in place to trace it because the pieces can easily move on the felt. Once you have the outline of your template, lift your template away from felt.

felt after the flower template is drawn in

Step 3: Cut the Felt

Once your outlines are drawn on the felt, use your scissors to cut the felt. Did I forget to tell you that cutting the felt will take a bit of time? So sit back, relax, and just have fun with this!

starting to cut the felt for the flowers

As you are cutting decide if you want to cut away all of your pen lines or if you want to leave some of them. Because if you used a black pen, for example, you will want to cut them away now.

make multiple felt flowers

If you choose to cut a flower, it will look like a beautiful spiral! One edge is scalloped. That will become the flower petals.

The smooth edge will become the interior of the flower.

cut felt for the diy felt flowers tutorial

Step 4: Clean Any Edges

I mentioned above, but I just want to reiterate, that you may want to cut away your pen lines. It’s also a great time to clean up any edges. If you have jagged edges, cut those away. If any of your edges need to be reshaped – do it!

It’s easier to do it now than after the flower is assembled.

roll the felt to make a flower

Step 5: Glue the Felt

Hot glue is the best glue for making felt flowers. But it’s a juggling act with your hands. It really takes 2 hands to fold and glue the flower. So be prepared to pick up the glue gun and set it back down a few times.

finished rolled flower in felt

For the flower, start with the center and add a stripe of glue along the smooth edge.

Make stripes that are around 1 inch in length. Then fold the felt into itself to make a loop gluing the felt to itself. Hold the section in place for around 15 seconds.

how to make felt flowers

Continue this process gluing one inch at a time and holding each section in place for a few seconds until the felt holds on its own.

Once you have finished your spiral, your flower is finished!

cut succulent leaves to make a felt succulent

Alternative: Making a Succulent

Most succulent templates have individual leaves, so it’s a lot of cutting when you are prepping the template and a lot of cutting when you are working on your felt!

For succulents, or anything with small leaves a very thin pen works well. The fatter the line, the harder it is to cut.

trace the succulent leaves to make felt plants

Just like the flower, try to place your succulent leaves near an edge so you can cut less. It will save time and felt!

Once you have all your succulent leaves traced and then cut, use the same process as before to clean up the edges.

And before you start to cut any new succulent templates, gather the leaves of each individual succulent and place them in a bag. So different succulent templates won’t get mixed together.

keep your succulent leaves for later

Succulents often have edges to their leaves that are colored in yellows, reds, and purples. So you may want to leave a touch of color along the edges.

But you can also cut them away.

all the succulent leaves cut

Once you have your succulent leaves cut, the pattern for any succulent is basically the same. Find your smaller leaves or any piece of felt that looks a bit different.

That will be your center.

glue the smaller succulent leaves together

Start in the same way the flowers were started – you will need to fold the center in on itself to make a loop. Then you can build additional leaves to the succulent outside that loop.

making the center of the felt succulent

But with the succulents, you may need to build the center loop with a series of individual leaves. To do so make a rainbow shape of smaller leaves.

center of the homemade felt succulent

Use a dot of glue to hold them all together. Once the glue is dry, give your section of leaves a twist to glue the section together making a loop.

Hold the loop in place for around 15 seconds or until it can hold on its own.

center of a diy felt succulent

In the spaces between the leaves, begin to add more leaves.

Glue these new leaves to the back of the succulent so that the outer leaf is positioned about half way up.

continue to add leaves to the felt succulent

As you continue to add more leaves, you may notice that it’s not perfectly symmetrical. Sometimes there are more leaves in one area.

Or sometimes your leaves might be at a slight angle. That’s okay because succulents in the real world have imperfections as well.

finished felt succulent craft tutorial

Once you have about 3 rows of succulent leaves, your succulents should be finished!

how to make felt flowers and succulents

Step 6: Pull Any Glue Strings Away

Whether you made flowers or succulents, give the piece around an hour before pulling the strings away. Hot glue dries fast, but it doesn’t completely set right away.

This takes at least a few hours. If you see any glue that’s visible or any strings, simply pull them away from your piece. They will come right off!

cut out pieces to go on the bottom of the flower

How to Make Flower Leaves

To make flower leaves, use a small section of green felt. It can be any color of green and if you are going to add floral wire, the leaves are the perfect way to cover the wire. So cut your felt and set it aside.

cut floral wire to make stems

How to Make Flower Stems

Stems come in handy when you need your flowers to stand up. It’s perfect when you want to add them to a vase. To make them cut a length of floral wire around 9 inches in length and then make a loop on one end of the wire that’s slightly smaller than your flower.

attach the leaves to the bottom of the felt flower

Use your hot glue gun to attach the loop to the flower or succulent base. And hold it in place for a few seconds. Then attach the leaves to bottom of the flower or succulent to cover the wire.

place the diy felt flowers in a vase

And viola! Your felt flowers are finished! This is the perfect way to decorate with flowers! They last forever and they require no clean up because they don’t make a mess!

attach the wire to the felt succulent

If you are making these flowers for yourself, don’t forget to download the templates here! You can keep these forever for personal use.

finished concrete planter with felt flowers

And if you want to make this project and get all the supplies and instructions included, be sure to grab the kit here! Happy Crafting!

close up of finished flowers and succulents in felt

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