Rustic Wood Sign DIY

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Made with high end wood, stain, and just a little bit of paint, Rustic Wood Signs seem to be everywhere these days and they are so pretty! And you can style them lots of different ways.

You could add a personalized message, ivy borders, or cool art like we did in our piece. The possibilities are endless.

This Rustic Wood Sign DIY is perfect for any home because wood feels so luxurious and high end. As you know, I’m a fan of good quality materials, so my favorite DIY’s use leather and wood!

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Supplies to Make a Rustic Wood Sign

Stubs of Wood (Sometimes called “Shorties”)
Large Stencils
Acrylic Paint
2 Brushes (1 for the Stain, 1 for the Acrylic Paint)
Easy Tools: A Staple Gun -or-
Optional Advanced Tools: 2 Thin Strips of Wood + Short Screws + Screwdriver
Optional: Sandpaper

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Where to Get Your Wood

I got mine at a local shop that specializes in hardwood floors. Call around and ask for small pieces – extra pieces of wood that are around 9 to 24 inches on their longest side. These are often called “shorties.” Not everyone will have them, but when you find them, they are remarkably cheap and perfect for a Rustic Wood Sign!

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Steps to Make Your Rustic Wood Sign

First, either with a staple gun or a thin strip of wood, a screwdriver, and several screws, attach your pieces of wood to each other. The staple gun method is so easy and will look great when you stain the wood. You will want to use 2 staples on the front and 3 staples on the back to hold the pieces together.

With the other method, you will attach 2 strips of wood to the back of the piece. One will be placed near the top and the other near the bottom. The strips of wood need to be slightly shorter than the length of the piece and the screws must be shorter than the thickness of the wood. Can you tell why I like the staple method better?

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Next add a thin and even layer of stain. You could use white, light, dark, chalkboard, mahogany colored or anything you like! Allow the stain to completely dry. Stain dries quickly in just a few minutes.

Add you stencil to the wood exactly where you want your image to go. Be sure that the stencil is completely flat and doesn’t have any bubbles. This will help your image look perfect. I used a sticker stencil. I highly recommend making your own stencil with a Cricut cutter!

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Next fill in the stencil with acrylic and allow the paint to set for a few minutes. I personally think the edges of the image look best if the stencil is removed while the paint is damp. Clean your stencil immediately after removing it from the wood if you want to reuse it.

Now just let your Rustic Wood Sign dry!

dreamcatcher wooden art sign pop shop america diy

And viola. Show it off in your home or give it as a gift. To hang it, you could find a small picture hanger at any hardware store or framing store and mount it to the back.

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    • Brittany Bly says:

      Hi Chelsea! Great question. I found these on clearance at Hobby Lobby. They don’t have them anymore that I’m aware of. I found great ones at Michael’s as well. Michael’s honestly has the best selection – it’s near the t-shirts. Amazon is a total bust. Don’t even try to find good ones on Amazon! Another option is to purchase a Cricut Cutting Machine and cut your own!

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