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Dinosaur coloring postcard pop shop america

Surprise! We’ve got our a Free Bonus for all our Craft in Style Box Subscribers! This free Dinosaur Coloring Postcard comes in each January Subscription Box just for fun. But if you are not a Craft in Style Subscriber, you can still download it and print it for yourself here.

dinosaur adult coloring postcard pop shop america

We printed them on postcards for the January Craft in Style Sub Boxes but you could print them even bigger. This file is huge and could easily create up to 11 x 17. You could print it in a standard copy paper too.

To print the Dinosaur Coloring page just click the button at the top and the bottom of the page. It will take you to the file that you can download and print instantly.

up close with prismacolors dinosaur coloring sheet pop shop america

We made these cute coloring sheets into a freebie that’s included in the January Craft in Style Subscription Box. Each month the box is filled with different DIYs in a kit form so you can make stylish DIY’s at home anytime. It’s so much because getting a box is like a surprise because there are fun new craft supplies each month.

January features all the supplies to make Gilded Dinosaur Planters and the kit comes with live succulents and live air plants too! As a freebie, we also included Mini Dino Toys that you can make into an array of cute items. Just check out this blog for ideas.


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We love this coloring page because it’s a simple way to relax anytime and anywhere. Although this coloring page is technically an “adult coloring page” because it has a lot of detail and thin lines, this would be perfect for kids too.

gilded dinosaur with free brontosaurus coloring postcard pop shop america

On why coloring is important – “For many people coloring is therapeutic. Institutions across the globe use coloring to help people “vent” their feelings and frustrations, as well as other emotions through coloring. A child who is angry might choose to scribble over a picture of a sun with a black crayon until the picture isn’t visible. A child who cares for organization or wants things done in a certain manner may meticulously color in between every single line. A child who wants to vent their day’s frustration may just roughly scribble outside the lines. Regardless of whether it’s scribbling, or coloring the “best picture ever”, coloring can be a way to de-stress, after a busy morning of school work, wind down, and calm down, after the stresses of a day at school or work.” Find more here.

coloring sheet with brontosaurus dinosaur pop shop america

So don’t forget to print this Free Brontosaurus Dinosaur Coloring Sheet and check the links below for even more adult coloring pages from Pop Shop America! And if you love this coloring page, don’t forget to sign up for Craft in Style and get DIY Kits delivered to your door each month with cute freebies like this along the way.

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