Get Lost in GIFs: Psychedelic Tumblr Art by Pi Slices

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Get Lost in these Gifs! These experiments, pieces of art, trials of visual perception have minimal touches and clever illusions. They are all created by gif artist PI Slices who you can find on Tumblr.

If you visit his website, you’ll see countless works of digital art that range from slow paced, to brightly colored, that involve humans, flames, and geometric shapes. They are mesmerizing, stunning, and you may not be able to take your eyes away.

I talked to PI Slices about his work.

BB: Can you tell people who are seeing your work for the first time what you make and why?

PI: I make and post a new animated GIF every single day, and have done so since April 5th 2014. I do it as an exercise in creativity and a way to improve my abilities with the programs I use.

BB: Where did the name Pi-Slices come from?

PI: It’s basically just a play on my initials (P.I.).

BB: Do you only work digitally or do you work with other media as well?

I only work digitally.

BB: What programs and tools do you use to create your gifs and other art?

PI: I primarily use Cinema 4D for my GIFs, sometimes adding slight touch-ups and effects in After Effects.

BB: Is Pi-Slices a passion project or do you earn income from it?

PI: It’s both. It originally started purely as a passion project, and over time I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of really awesome projects for a number of different clients including Nike, the BBC, and a bunch of people within the music industry. The daily GIFs are still purely a passion project, but they’ve greatly assisted me in allowing me to also earn income doing projects I am passionate about.

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BB:  What inspires you?

PI: For the most part, I’m very inspired by the intricacies of the programs I use, and how there is so much potential to create essentially anything I can imagine. I’m also very inspired by all of the incredible work currently being put out by other GIF artists, it makes me want to make my own work better.

BB: Tell us a little bit about the group GIF Artists Collective?

PI: The GIF Artists Collective is a Tumblr blog I started in November 2014 which runs a monthly GIF theme for artists to submit their work to. So far there have been over 600 accepted submissions from GIF artists located all around the world. My primary goal in creating the collective was to create a centralized place on Tumblr for people to discover the work of GIF artists. I encourage artists to submit only a link to their work on their blog, so I can use Tumblr’s reblog function to make sure they retain full credit for their work.

BB: And what is Cross Connect Magazine all about? What is your role there?

PI: Cross Connect is another art focused blog that I help curate/post for. It has around 250,000 Tumblr followers now, and nearly 10,000 posts. You can find the features I’ve personally done here.

BB: What’s next for Pi-Slices?

PI: I plan on continuing my daily GIF as long as I can feasibly do so, as well as continuing to work on commissioned work as opportunities arise. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of sets of concert visuals recently, and I definitely want to do more of those in the future.

BB: Where can people see your work?

PI: Primarily my website here, as that is where all my GIFs are released first (7 AM PST each day), otherwise my work can also be found at:

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Giphy | Vimeo  


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