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Did you love the chalkboard painted globes included in the DIY Chalkboard Painted Globe Kit? It’s one of my favorite DIY’s that we’ve created for any of our monthly craft supply subscription boxes. It’s on trend and it makes a great diy because buying on on Etsy can be so pricey!

But what’s great about this DIY is that you can add your own flourishes and go beyond what we did. Here is a collection of gorgeous hand painted globe diys and some that are available for purchase online. The idea is to get you inspired and for you to see so many different variations of this diy. Chalkboard Globe DIYs can be surprisingly versatile, detailed, and fun! So let’s get inspired about all the things we can make.


Chalkboard Painted Globe DIY


how to hand paint a chalkboard globe art subscription box tutorial

Before you get inspired by these detailed hand painted globes, here’s our DIY Chalkboard Painted Globe Tutorial. It’s a great way to see all the steps and it’s a bit more simple than some of the other globes you will see here.


Adventure Awaits Globe by Wild & Free Designs


adventure awaits hand painted globe pop shop america

This globe has 2 qualities that I love. First, the globe itself is vintage and gorgeous. It’s not your ordinary teacher supply globe. Second, the hand lettering is large readable and perfect. Adventure awaits is such a perfectly fitting phrase for this globe.


Pretty Little Doodads Pacific Ocean Globe


pacific ocean hand painted globe etsy

This globe is full of gorgeous and rich blues and also adds interestingly shaped clouds. The calligraphy is not quite as dominant as the Adventure Awaits which is a cool way to consider if you want the lettering to be a focal point or to be incorporated into a larger piece.


We are Neighbors Vintage Collage Globe DIY


we are neighbors collaged diy globe

Here is a collaged globe tutorial that uses cool vintage cut outs to make a finished product with so much meaning! This simple approach is stylish and beginner friendly.


Abstract Painted Globe by Newly Scripted


gold pink blue hand painted globe by newly scripted etsy

Newly Scripted Etsy Shop made this perfectly detailed abstract art globe that I just love! The color palette is full of rich pinks, golds and blues, and the airplane gives it a touch of whimsy!


Rainbow Hand Lettered Mini Globe


throw kindness around like confetti hand lettered globe

This is the perfect globe for anyone that loves bright colors! It’s also pint size so it’s perfect for collecting.


Chalkboard Painted Globes by Colors & Craft


chalkboard painted globe by colors and crafts

Here’s another diy tutorial that you can follow! In this tutorial the land is left unpainted which is a great way to style a globe! Plus little phrases in chalk are added throughout.


Fields of Flowers Globe


fields of flowers hand painted globe

I wish I could tell you more about this globe but this is one of those pins you find on Pinterest that lead to nowhere! ? I can say that adding flowers is one tread that I am seeing across so many globes. Flowers are a great idea because it’s a beginner friendly object to paint.


Blue & Cream Painted Globe


blue and cream flowers globe by kit cats etsy shop

This globe uses color expertly. The blue and cream are just perfect and this is a great example of how painting the islands in and not leaving them out, makes the globe so special.


Black, White & Gold Floral Globe


black white and floral globe

Flowers, flowers, flowers! I love this globe because it’s covered entirely in flowers. You could use any of your favorite colors or match the color of the flowers to the space where you will place your finished globe!

Did these hand painted globes get you inspired? If so, don’t miss the DIY Chalkboard Painted Globe Craft Kit! And check out our Craft in Style Subscription Box where you can get monthly craft projects delivered right to your door!

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