How to Make a Trendy Pancake Charcuterie Board


Charcuterie boards have become so trendy in recent years, and so have fun twists on them! I’ve seen adorable dessert charcuterie boards, Valentine boards, and sandwich charcuterie boards. And lately, pancake charcuterie boards are popping up everywhere.

Pancakes are a big deal in our house; lately, we’ve been all over homemade pancakes. And the toddler insists on dried cranberries in them or on top of them. With his love of toppings, I figured a pancake charcuterie board would be a hit. Y’all – I haven’t seen my toddler ingest that much food ever! This will definitely be a repeat even in our house.


What You Need to Make a Pancake Charcuterie Board:

  • pancakes (obviously) – I’ve got some ideas down below for you!
  • a board of some sort – any large cutting board or baking sheet will work
  • small containers for toppings
  • toppings for pancakes – so many ideas below!

Luckily, there’s very little effort or special ingredients needed to make a fun and cute pancake board!


Pancake Ideas for Pancake Charcuterie Boards

My personal favorite is this homemade make-ahead pancake mix – The best part of this is that the pancake mix makes enough dry mix for 4 batches of pancakes. You can store the remaining dry mix to have ready for later. Or you can make extra pancakes and freeze them.

stacked pancakes from make ahead mix 1

Banana Milk Pancakes – I use that make-ahead pancake mix to make a batch of pancakes with 1 1/4 cups of Almond Banana Milk. It makes such thick, fluffy pancakes and they have a yummy delicious banana flavor. Bonus: the banana milk has no added sugar, because all the sweetness comes from bananas!

matcha tea pancakes recipe pop shop america

Matcha Green Tea Pancakes – These pancakes are a beautiful green, deliciously dense, and full of healthy nutritional benefits from the matcha.

Graham Cracker Waffles – Yes, this is a waffle recipe, but it can certainly be used to make pancakes too. Or make the waffles and have a mixed waffle/pancake board!

stack of homemade cherry cheesecake waffles with graham crackers

You can make one type of pancake or mix and match multiple kinds on your board. This first time we made a pancake board, we just did banana pancakes and plain pancakes.


Topping Ideas for Your Pancake Charcuterie Board

Syrups and Finishes:

  • maple syrup
  • blueberry lime syrup
  • homemade cherry pie filling
  • chocolate syrup
  • caramel or butterscotch syrup
  • Greek yogurt
  • whipped cream


  • berries: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries (fresh or frozen)
  • fruit compote
  • crushed pineapple
  • sliced peaches or kiwi
  • banana slices
  • dried – cranberries, blueberries, cherries

Sweet Additions:

  • chocolate chips
  • white chocolate chips
  • cinnamon chips
  • chocolate kisses
  • mini marshmallows
  • sprinkles
  • granola
  • chocolate covered almonds

pancake board with fruit 1


Putting Together & Designing a Pancake Charcuterie Board

First, make your pancakes – choose one kind or make different ones.

Lay your pancakes on your board however you’d like. You can pile them in the middle (like I did on the round board) or off to the side, or you can make a layered line of them across your charcuterie board (like I did with my rectangular board). No wrong way to do it, friends!

After you’ve designed how the pancakes will look, pile the toppings around in any way you want!

Some tips:

  • if you want to win points in the look category, it’s best if you mix piled toppings with small bowls or containers of toppings.
  • I like to set out my containers first – usually with the syrups, whipped cream, and more liquid-y ingredients – and then pile handfuls of fruit and sweets around them.
  • If your board is small or round, I suggest filling all of the space. If your board is larger, you can leave a little space between ingredients if you want to!
  • Pancake boards are a great way to use up bits and pieces of leftover ingredients from baking or from having a party. I call pancake charcuterie boards one of my ‘clean-out-the-pantry’ recipes.
  • If you’re using this for a brunch – wouldn’t Mother’s Day be perfect?? – you could put a chalkboard easel next to the board with a few ideas (chocolate covered strawberries pancakes, coconut-banana pancakes, etc) for people to use if they need!

pancake charcuterie board step 8

How Do You Eat a Pancake Charcuterie Board?

Not gonna lie – when I’m making it for my small, 3 person family, we eat straight off the board. No need for extra dishes when there’s only a few of us!

But if you’ve got a bigger family or you’re using this for a party or gathering, I recommend providing plates for everyone. And when you’re ready to serve it, place a small serving spoon or fork in each ingredient pile or bowl so people can easily grab what they want!

Note: I do really recommend putting your pancake charcuterie board together right before you serve it. Warm pancakes are the best, and the whipped cream and sliced fruit are best fresh!

angled closeup pancake charcuterie board 1

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