How to Make Fabric Stamped Stars Tea Towels

Note: This is Part 3 of the 4th of July Cookout Craft Kit If you’re doing all 3 of the patriotic tutorials, be sure to finish Part 1 first! It’s important.

I’m ready for some fireworks! How about you? I love the 4th of July because it’s all about backyard BBQ’s, food, friends, and casual summer hang outs.

That’s why we created this June 2019 Stars and Stripes Box – that you can now buy as a standalone 4th of July Craft Kit – that has all the craft supplies you need to get 4th of July ready. It includes supplies to make DIY Red, White, and Blue Wooden Serving Spoons. Then learn how to turn Acrylic Paint into Fabric Paint so you can make these Red, White, and Blue Stamped Tea Towels. You will also get supplies to craft your own 4th of July Cocktail Stirrers and Cupcake Toppers. Murica, am I right?! ?

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So let’s get started making these Star Stamped Tea Towels.

paint for the 4th of july wooden kitchen spoons

mixing together acrylic paint and fabric paint pop shop america

Supplies to Make Star Stamped Tea Towels

4th of July Cookout Craft Kit 


2 Kitchen Towels
Red Acrylic Paint
Sky Blue Acrylic Paint
Royal Blue Acrylic Paint
Fabric Medium
A Painter’s Palette or Piece of Parchment
A Star Sponge Stamp

how to turn acrylic paint into fabric paint fabric stamping star tea towels

acrylic paint stamped star tea towels pop shop america diy

First things first, we’ll need to turn our acrylic paint into fabric paint one color at a time. You can read this tutorial for in depth instructions. The basics are: add Fabric Medium to acrylic paint until you get a syrup like consistency. Be sure that the paint and fabric medium are mixed thoroughly.

If you are working from the Stars and Stripes Box – your fabric medium is the thinnest liquid in your palette. And there are 2 of them! The thicker white on the left side of your palette is white acrylic paint.

When fabric stamping like this, I would recommend starting with the lightest color or in this case red. When stamping, make sure just the lightest amount of paint completely covers one side of the star sponge. Be sure there is not too much paint on the sponge! And leave plenty of room on the kitchen towels to stamp more stars in light blue and dark blue.

finished hand painted wooden spoons for 4th of july

Once you have your first color of stars stamped, wash your star sponge thoroughly with soap and water. Really dig in there are squeeze out any excess paint and water. Now dry your sponge completely before adding a second color of paint. You can dry your sponge by thoroughly squeezing it with a paper towel.

Now, we still want to stamp from lightest to darkest, so now mix your sky blue paint and fabric medium and begin stamping your sky blue stars. Fun right?! You can line up all your stars and make a perfect pattern. Or you can tilt your star sponge so the top of the star faces in different directions. Either way your tea towels will be so cute!

finished star stamped kitchen towels diy pop shop america

Acrylic paint only takes about 15 minutes to dry and after the paint is dry, your Star Stamped Tea Towels will be ready to use. These towels are washing machine safe and the stars will last and last! These towels will be perfect for serving a hot BBQ dish this 4th of July or just hanging on your sink or oven. Enjoy!

Remember – you can grab the 4th of July Cookout Craft Kit here!


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