How to Package Handmade Soap

how to package handmade soap diy pop shop america

This is the last part of the September Craft in Style Subscription Box. The other parts can be found here: Part 1: Essential Oil Blending Part 2: Vegan Leather No Sew Travel Pouch Part 3: Melt & Pour Soap Basics Part 4: 7+ Soap Recipes

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Making handmade soap is fun and packaging it is it’s own skill. It’s a creative task that could have a million different variations! That’s part of the joy.

Here are a few simple ways to package your own handmade soap. It’s the last DIY in our September Craft in Style Box. It’s our monthly box full of themed craft supplies to create different stylish projects each month.

For packaging your handmade soap, we include an array of card stock, parchment, twine, ribbon, and stickers. Other supplies you can consider are muslin bags, dried flowers and leaves, or fabric like cotton. So let’s get started!


Twine & Greenery


ways to package handmade soap diy pop shop america

With this simple method, wrap your soap in twine and then add a sprig of greenery underneath the twine. To elevate it, you could make the finishing knot in the twine stylish or use a dried flower instead of greenery. Just be sure that the greenery is not longer than the soap.


Strip of Card Stock


soap packaging with card stock diy pop shop america

Make a simple strip of cardstock to wrap the soap. Be sure that it is nice and centered. You could even make a cross shape in your cardstock to just expose the corners of the soap. This is a great way to be able to smell the soap and see what it looks like too.


Card Stock 2 Ways


handmade soap packaging ideas diy pop shop america

wrap soap in cardstock diy pop shop america

What’s great about these supplies is how versatile they are! You could use thin strips of card stock or wrap the soap completely – just like you would wrap a holiday gift.


Card Stock & Velvet Ribbon


card stock and velvet ribbon diy wrapped soap pop shop america

This is a great way to create a gorgeous color palette. Adding a strip of ribbon makes this handmade soap gift perfect. And soaps are so small it only requires the tiniest amount of ribbon.


Parchment & Stickers


brown parchment wrapped soap with stickers diy

This sticker adds a pop of color that is just perfect. This would be a great way to include your own branding if you are making soap professional. Just replace the sticker with your brand logo. I love using parchment to wrap soap because it’s thin enough to be able to smell the soap.


Velvet Ribbon & Greenery


parchment and ribbon wrapped soap diy with leaves

These soap packaging diy’s remind me of a capsule wardrobe in which everything is interchangeable. That’s part of the beauty of these supplies. So which packaging techniques do you love? How are you going to package your soaps? Tell us in the comments!

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