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A few weeks ago, I met a unicorn. I got to take these gorgeous Unicorn Photographs with a Houston TX based photographer MK Stallings. It was so much fun and the photos are breathtaking.

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brittany unicorn photo with white dress close up

I drove out in the early morning to a super far suburb of Houston armed with some cute dresses and some cute shoes. There the unicorn was waiting and so was the photographer and her assistant.

Her assistant is high school age but was super prepared with double sided tape, sunscreen, bug, spray, bobby pins and more. She had it all so you can just relax.

brittany bly petting unicorn magical photo shoot

I’ve never even had the chance to wear this Danny Nguyen Couture dress that magically fits me perfectly. Danny just threw it at me at a show one time and was like “here have some dresses!” I actually love the dress but it’s a bit of a show piece. So this was the perfect outfit for something like this and I loved getting to wear it!

petting a unicorn brittany bly unicorn photographs

The unicorn was a bit shy and didn’t enjoy being pulled and asked to pose but we had some sneaky tricks. If you just stay really calm and then when you need him to pose, there’s a fun clicking sound you can make with your mouth and will help him look at you and perk up.

flower crown and unicorn portraits pop shop america

We used about a billion flower crowns for the shoot – and I loved wearing them! I’m wearing a flower crown in almost every unicorn photo. But then the whole point is that they are super magical.

Of course with the photos you are working with an animal so it will take a bit of time to get some good images.

brittany with a unicorn in the meadow magical photography

Each photo session comes with 3 prints and of course I couldn’t choose so I picked 9!! OMG. 9!! I know that’s a lot but it was totally worth it. When you are choosing the photos, it happens in studio several weeks after the session and you can just hang, browse, and look at them all.

If you know you are only going to pick 3 or so – a 30 minute session is probably fine. I had an hour long session and really loved all 9 of these photos.

unicorn in a meadow with brittany bly photograph

Unicorn photos aren’t the only style the photographer MK Stallings creates. She also hosts Fairy Sessions, Carousel Horse and Carnival Style photos, confetti photos and more. These unicorn photos only happen seasonally in Houston TX. So if you want to have a session yourself, you will want to find out when the next session is taking place and book right away.

magical unicorn photographs houston tx

Of course, my life will never be the same now that I’ve finally met a unicorn. I loved every second of this shoot and will cherish these photos for a lifetime.

brittany bly magical unicorn photograph series

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