Pink Rose Salt Soak DIY

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Relax and soak it in! It’s the weekend and that hopefully means that there is time to unwind. The thing that truly helps me relax is a slow, warm, bath in the evenings. I love it! It makes your muscles feel good and helps set my mind at ease.

I especially love soaking with a lovely floral scent. Roses are one of my favorites and they are such a pretty flower. Making this Pink Rose Salt Soak DIY is a must! It’s easy, luxurious, and affordable.

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Supplies for Pink Rose Salt Soak

5 Dried Rose Petals
1/4 Cups Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
3/4 Cups Epsom Salt
1 Tbs. Almond Oil
12 Drops Rose Essential Oil

Store it in a Mason Jar or Glass Container

Roses dry easily and quickly. You can often find them already dried in the spice section of fancy grocers or spice markets. For this recipe it’s better to use edible flowers or flowers from a grocery than from a florist. That way you know that the flowers are clean of any chemicals.

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To make this recipe, it’s just about blending these ingredients. I used a mortar and pestle so that I could break my rose petals and make the Himalayan sea salt just a bit finer. Add your rose petals to the mortar and pestle first. Start by giving your rose petals a little crush.

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Next add your Epsom Salt and Himalayan Sea Salt. I used primarily Epsom Salt but you could use your own ratio of each. The amount you use will be better for certain types of skin. I use mostly epsom salt because it’s so gentle. Salt is a lot more drying, so it’s perfect for oily or problem skin!

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Next I added the almond oil and mixed it thoroughly and then added the rose essential oil. Be sure to mix the essential oils thoroughly so that it’s evenly blended throughout.

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The essential oil is another ingredient that you could add less of, if you don’t want it heavily scented. Or you could add extra if you want to smell like a flower field when you get out of the tub. If you prefer a different scent other than rose, here are some awesome recipes that you could try.

grind the roses and epsom salt diy pink rose salt soak

Now add it to your warm bath and enjoy! If you don’t use your Pink Rose Salt Soak all at once, it’s just fine to keep! Use a glass jar with a lid. None of the ingredients will go bad, but the soak will start to lose it’s scent over a few months.

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