Mini Strawberry Cream Crumble Recipe


This pint sized Strawberry Cream Crumble is party perfect and so much fun!

It’s a no bake recipe which makes it perfect to make anytime. And the ingredients are simple, but the taste is extraordinary. You know I love Strawberry Pies, like this Strawberry Mojito Cream Pie, but this one is so special because it’s as gorgeous as it is delicious.

This would be the perfect dessert for a Mother’s Day Brunch, Princess Birthday Party, or a summer day by the pool. So let’s make it!

supplies to make a fresh strawberry cream crumble pie

Ingredients to Make a Strawberry Cream Crumble

The ingredients to make this pie are simple: crunchy cookies like Danish Butter Cookies, butter, fresh strawberries, sugar, and whipping cream.

You could add a little sparkle to this recipe by additionally including a small amount of vanilla bean paste, vanilla extract, lime leaf, or lemon extract. I’ll show you how to do that along the way! And I would highly recommend using a high quality butter. My favorite is Plugra but anything European is a good start.

crush the cookies in a food processor crust for strawberry cream crumble

Crush the Cookies

Start by crushing the cookies. I used a food processor but you could use a fork and your hands if you prefer. The crust will look gorgeous and be easier to cut if all the cookie crumbs are fine and even in size. Set aside half of your crushed cookies for your top layer and use half for the crust.

butter cookie crust for a strawberry cream crumble

Make the Crust

Because you used cookies, you don’t need to add any additional sugar. Even when making a traditional Graham Cracker Crust like this, I don’t add any sugar – at the most I add half of what other recipes use.

add butter to the butter cookies to make a crust

Blend the cookies with melted but not hot butter until evenly mixed. Your cookie crust will be soft and workable and will all stick together like a softball.

blend the cookie crumbs and the butter to make a crust

blended crust ready to be pressed into a pan

Press the cookie crust down into one even layer at the bottom of you pan. Make sure that your crust runs edge to edge. Notice that we used a layer of parchment? This is the perfect way to make your dessert easy to remove from the pan. That in turn makes your Mini Strawberry Cream Crumble easier to transport, to place in a storage container and to serve.

press the crust into a springform pan recipe strawberry crumble

press the crust into a springform pan recipe strawberry crumble

I also used a springform pan so you could remove the sides of the pan and see the gorgeous edges of strawberries when serving this pie.

Ordinarily, when making a pie crust like this, I would bake it at 350°F for a few minutes or until golden brown. But with this Mini Strawberry Cream Crumble, I won’t bake it so that I can later press the strawberries into the crust to help them hold in place.

chop strawberries into chunks to make a strawberry crumble

Chop 2 Shapes of Strawberries

For this pie, we’ll need 2 shapes of strawberries:

1. Triangle shaped slices from the stem to the tip for the sides of the pie.
2. Diced strawberries for the filling of the pie.

For the sides of the pie, first cut off the stem and place it top side toward your cutting board. Make slices from the tip of the strawberry down.

whip the cream and mix with the strawberries

Use the rest of your strawberries for the filling of your pie. Chop the strawberries into pieces around 1/2 inch in size.

Note: This is where you can add your vanilla bean paste, vanilla extract, lime leaf, or lemon extract. Add a small amount of any of these to your strawberries and allow the strawberries to marinate in the flavor for an hour or longer before continuing.

how to mix the strawberries and cream strawberry cream crumble recipe

Whip the Cream

Now it’s time to make the Strawberry Cream Crumble filling! Start by whipping your cream with your small amount of sugar until stiff. As an alternative, you can substitute the sugar for honey to make a healthier no sugar whipped cream.

Stir in the chopped strawberries leaving your sliced strawberries on the side.

line the springform pan with strawberries cream cumble recipe

press the strawberries into the cookie crust

Adding the Strawberry Cream Filling

Place the sliced strawberries around the edge of the pan with the flat side down. Gently press the strawberries into the crust to help them hold in place.

Make sure your strawberries are all facing the same direction – sliced side outward and flat side toward the bottom. If you use a springform pan like I did, you will be able to see those gorgeous strawberry slices later, so making them uniform adds to the appeal.

add the whipped cream to the strawberry cream tart

Now add the whipped cream & strawberries filling to the center of the pan. I had to be very careful around my strawberry slices but pushed the whipped cream thoroughly along the edges to make them uniform.

add the crumble topping to the strawberry cream crumble

remove the strawberry cream crumble from the springform pan

Top the Strawberry Cream Crumble

Now with the second half of your crushed cookies that you set aside when making the crust, top the whipped cream and strawberry pie filling thoroughly and evenly. Your cookies will be crumbled, but since there’s no butter, like in the crust, and since the cookies are topping a moist pie filling, be careful when adding the cookie crumbles.

They won’t spread as evenly or as easily. So sprinkle the cookies in small amounts where needed until all the cookies have been added.

finished strawberry cream crumble before cutting

Chill the Strawberry Cream Crumble Before Serving

Always chill your Strawberry Cream Crumble in the fridge for at least 1 hour. This will help your crust and your filling set. It will make the pie easier to slice and hold together better.

Once your Strawberry Cream Crumble has been chilled, remove the pie from the springform pan and serve it!

finished whole strawberry crumble recipe pop shop america

Isn’t this the most gorgeous pie you have ever seen? It’s so pretty it’s perfect for a party or special event.

finished strawberry crumble recipe pop shop america

Just for fun, I topped mine with a few rose buds and additional sliced strawberries. You could top yours with whatever you like.

recipe for a strawberry crumble pie pop shop america

This pie is best served the day it’s made or the next day, but can be stored the the fridge in an air tight container for around 4 days. Over those days, the strawberries will begin to weep and soften. Look for these signs to know when the Strawberry Cream Crumble is past its best served by date.

slice of strawberry crumble recipe pop shop america

If you want to give this pie a little twist, you could substitute the strawberries for a different fruit of your choice! For example fresh:


would all be a gorgeous twist on this dessert.

sliced strawberry crumble recipe instructions

If you need even more strawberries in your life, try these Mixed Berry Fruit Bars. With this crust, these desserts remind me of each other! And if you need an easy way to extend the life of your berries, use this tutorial to clean your berries and keep them fresher longer.

slice of strawberry crumble pie dessert recipe

Show us your pie! Comment below or tag us if you make this recipe, so we can see your gorgeous creation! Happy baking (or rather no-baking) with this easy recipe!

sliced strawberry cream crumble pie pop shop america

sliced strawberry crumble recipe instructions-square

Mini Strawberry Cream Crumble Recipe

Brittany Bly
This Strawberry Cream Crumble is the most gorgeous no-bake recipe you have seen! Make it in a springform pan to see gorgeous edges of strawberries.
Prep Time 40 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 40 minutes
Course desserts
Servings 8 servings


  • 1 1/4 cups fresh strawberries
  • 1 1/4 cups whipping cream
  • 2 cups crushed butter cookies
  • 2/3 cups butter
  • 1/3 cup white sugar
  • Optional: You can marinate the strawberries in vanilla bean paste lime leaf, vanilla extract, or lemon extract for a touch of flavor.


  • Line a springform pan with parchment paper.
  • Crush your cookies with a food processor or by hand until the cookie crumbles are fine grain and even. Set aside half of your cookies for the topping and use half to make the bottom crust layer.
  • Melt your butter but be sure that your butter isn't hot. If your butter is too hot wait for it to cool closer to room temperature and blend it with the cookies until evenly mixed.
  • Press the cookie crust into the lined springform pan making a thin, even layer.
  • Set the pan to the side.
  • Now gather your strawberries and start by slicing the strawberries for the edge of the pie. First, slice the strawberry to remove the stem. Then place the stem side downward and cut from the tip of the berry to the stem to form triangles.
  • You will need to slice around 1/4 of your total berries, or you can just eye that you have enough to line the pan as you slice.
  • Next, dice your remaining strawberries into small pieces around 1/2 inch in size or smaller. If you like, marinate these strawberries in vanilla bean paste, lime leaf, vanilla extract or lemon extract for 1 hour before continuing.
  • Place your whipping cream in a stand mixer or get a hand mixer ready to make the whipped cream. Add your sugar, and mix on medium, thoroughly until your whipped cream is stiff.
  • Now fold your diced strawberries into your whipped cream together thoroughly and gently.
  • Line the edges of your springform pan with the sliced strawberries placing the flat side of the berry toward the crust and the tip of the berry toward the top. Place the strawberries edge to edge and be sure that all your sliced edges face outward.
  • Once your berries are in place along the edges, fill the remaining springform pan with the whipped cream and strawberry filling.
  • Top the filling with the remaining half of the crushed butter cookies. To make an even layer, sprinkle the cookie crumble in small amounts until the top is even and complete.
  • Place your Strawberry Cream Crumble in the fridge for at least 1 hour before serving.
  • For a touch of style, top your Strawberry Cream Crumble with rose buds and strawberry slices.
  • To serve, remove the pie from the springform pan and slice! Serve the Strawberry Cream Crumble the same day or store in the fridge in an air tight container for up to 4 days.
  • Enjoy!
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close up of a strawberry crumble slice pop shop america

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