Nursery Art Collage DIY with Puppies & Flowers

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Greeting cards are one of those things you want to always keep stocked. There’s an occasional birthday that you forgot, or a last minute invitation that requires a card.

Plus there are a million ways you can craft with greeting cards! One of my favorites is the DIY Birthday Card Envelope Art Wall. And I love this Greeting Card Framed Art Piece here.

I got a cute set of Hallmark greeting cards from Dollar Tree that we’re perfect to make into collage nursery art. It’s a simple and stylish DIY! And it’s a fun use of greeting cards.

So let’s make this Nursery Art Collage with Puppies & Flowers!

hallmark greeting cards from dollar tree pop shop america

Supplies to make this Nursery Art Collage:

Expressions from Hallmark Greeting Cards at Dollar Tree
Or choose Heartline, Mahogany,
Tree of Life, Joyfully Yours, and Vida Hallmark Cards

Make sure whatever cards you pick are oh so sweet. Pastels, flowers, animals, and lots of bright white will all be perfect in a nursery!

supplies to make a diy nursery art collage pop shop america

Additional Supplies to make the Greeting Card Nursery Art

Acrylic Paint (any colors that are nursery perfect like baby pink, mint green, and teal)
Miniature Canvas (2 or more)
Paint Brush
Mod Podge
Foam Brush

line up the card diy nursery art collage pop shop america

diy nursery art collage hallmark greeting card cut out

First, paint your canvas a solid color and paint the edges too! You will need at least 2 coats of paint. Since you are painting the sides, it will take a little bit of time for all of it to dry.

I recommend making a set of nursery art collages that all match. To do so, you will want to paint all of the canvases in a color palette that matches each other. But let all the colors be a little different. I chose mint and teal – my favorites!

Once the paint is dry, line up your cards on the canvas. This will also help you know where you want to cut the card. Once you have the placement decided, use your scissors cut the card. The cuts don’t have to be perfect – no one will notice. What’s important is to have a dynamic uniquely shaped edge – don’t leave the sides rectangular!

add the mod podge diy hallmark card collage

add the cut out greeting card collage pop shop america

Once you have your card cut, get your foam brush ready. Add a thin layer of mod podge to both the back of the card and the canvas. Press the card to the canvas. Adjust the card to its final position.

It’s important for the edges of the card affix to the canvas, so press the edges down with your finger until they hold into place.

press the card to the canvas diy nursery art collage

Now add another layer of mod podge to the front of the card and canvas. Paint a thin layer all the way across both surfaces and allow it to dry completely.

Mod podge will dry clear, so you don’t need to worry about the white color! But if you see pools of white mod podge smooth them out. The thick parts struggle to dry and will leave the surface uneven. Mod podge takes about 20 minutes to dry – not long at all.

line up and cut out the greeting card pop shop america

Now let’s repeat those steps to make our second Nursery Art Collage! This time let’s use the adorable puppy card. This one is a Heartline, A Hallmark Company Card – also from Dollar Tree.

place the card on the canvas diy collage art

add mod podge to the canvas diy nursery art collage

Repeat the same steps as before: cut out the card, finalize the card placement on the canvas, add mod podge to the back of the card and the canvas, and press the card into place. Now just let this card dry!

finished nursery art collage with flowers and puppies

And viola you have 2 adorable Nursery Art Collages that we’re both easy and inexpensive to make! Isn’t that awesome? Part of what I love about this diy is that the materials are so affordable. The cards I used are from Dollar Tree. They are only $1 each – like everything else in the store! And Heartline a Hallmark Company (like the puppy card I used) is 2 for $1 in stores! What an amazing deal.

These designs are exclusive to Dollar Tree so you are not going to find them anywhere else.

how to make nursery art collage with puppies and flowers

If you want to get these cards for yourself, there are so many Dollar Trees stores nationwide. August 25th is the 1 year anniversary of carrying Expressions by Hallmark so it’s the perfect time to shop them and celebrate! There are hundreds of different cards to choose from so they are perfect for any occasion. Like I mentioned before, I keep these cards around all the time for friends, family, coworkers, ant to mail to friends all around the world.

finished flower art collage for a baby room pop shop america

If you want to snag something super special, on August 25th Dollar Tree is launching a sweepstakes where you could win a box full of greeting cards, note cards, plus a $100 gift card to Dollar Tree. There will be 20 winners total! Enter to win here.

Let’s Stay Friends!

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